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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Staff Profile

Prof Mark Allen, Bsc (Durham) 1987; PhD (Leicester (1991)

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42344
Room number: Rm 311
Deputy Head of Faculty (Postgraduate) in the Faculty of Science

Contact Prof Mark Allen (email at


2016 - present — Deputy Head of Science Faculty (Postgraduate)

2015 - 2016 — Academic Director, NERC IAPETUS Doctoral Training Partnership

2014 - present — Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Durham

2013 – 2015  — Deputy Director, Natural Sciences, University of Durham

2005 – 2014  — Reader, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Durham

2003 – 2004  — Deputy Chief Geologist, CASP. Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

1993 – 2004  — Geologist, CASP, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge

1990 – 1993  — Computer Officer, Leicester University

1991  — PhD, Leicester

1987  — BSc Hons 1st class: Durham

Career Research Highlights

My research has focused on interdisciplinary studies of Eurasian orogenic belts and sedimentary basins, notably the interactions of deformation, climate and sedimentation in tectonically active regions such as the Caspian, and the Zagros mountains of Iran. I also study aspects of petroleum systems at all scales from the regional, to the effects of fault systems and sedimentary architecture on fluid migration. My PhD involved a lot of igneous geochemistry, and I have recently returned to this subject by looking at the young volcanic rocks of the Iranian plateau. This includes being the PI of a NERC funded project on Orogenic Plateau Magmatism. I use many techniques and disciplines within Earth Sciences, including field-based structural geology and clastic sedimentology, remote sensing, geomorphology, basin modelling, regional synthesis, igneous geochemistry and seismic interpretation. I work closely with specialists in many other fields, including seismology, microstructures, fluid inclusions, heavy mineral provenance studies, isotopic geochemistry/geochronology and gravity/magnetics.

Committee and Society Service

2005 – 2010— Secretary, Northern Regional Group of the Geological Society

2001 – 2006 — Geological Society Petroleum Group committee member

Conferences and Workshops

2012, 2013 —Organiser of Convergent Margin session theme - EGU General Assembly

2011 — Geological Society of London Coupling of Tectonics and Surface Processes, Convenor.

2010 — Orogenic Plateaux session, Convenor - EGU General Assembly

2009 — Arctic and Russia session, Co-convenor. Petroleum Geology Conference #VII

Editorial Roles

2017 - present - Editor, Solid Earth

2003 – 2017 — Editor-in-chief of Geological Magazine

2005 – present — Editorial board member, Tectonophysics

2006 – 2012 — Editorial Board Member, Petroleum Geoscience

2006 — UK national correspondent for ICGP Project 480 “Tectonics of Central Asia”


2018 - Invited speaker, Caltech, California

2011 – "Interactions of Tectonics and Climate in Eurasia" - University of Michigan Smith Lecture Series

2008 – International Union of Geological Sciences 33rd International Geological Congress

2004 – AAPG Hedberg meeting on lacustrine sedimentation, Baku

Prizes & Awards

2004 — AAPG Jules Braunstein Award

Recent and Current Grants

2011 – 2014 — ‘Orogenic Plateau Magmatism’ NERC Standard Grant NE/H021620/1 PI, Co-Is: Davidson, J.P., and Van Hunen, J.

Indicators of Esteem

  • 2018: Invited speaker, Caltech:
  • 2017: Editor, Solid Earth:
  • 2016: Degree programme External Examiner, University of Oxford:
  • 2014: Editor-in-Chief, Geological Magazine:
  • 2014: Member of NERC peer review college:
  • 2013: Co-ordinator, Convergent Tectonic settings sessions, EGU:
  • 2013: Degree programme External Examiner, University of Cambridge:
  • 2011: Smith Lecturer, University of Michigan:
  • 2006: UK national correspondent for ICGP Project 480 “Tectonics of Central Asia”:
  • 2005: Editorial board member, Tectonophysics, from Dec 2005:
  • 2004: AAPG Jules Braunstein Award:
  • 2004: Keynote speaker: AAPG Hedberg meeting on lacustrine sedimentation, Baku, 2004:
  • 2003: Editor of Geological Magazine since February 2003:
  • 2001: Geological Society Petroleum Group committee member:

Research Groups

Department of Earth Sciences

Research Interests

  • Eurasian orogenic belts and sedimentary basins, notably the interactions of deformation, climate and sedimentation in tectonically active regions such as the Caspian and the Zagros mountains.
  • Petroleum systems at all scales from the regional, to the effects of fault systems and sedimentary architecture on fluid migration.


Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Allen, M.B. (2010). Roles of strike-slip faults during continental deformation: examples from the active Arabia–Eurasia collision. In The Evolving Continents: Understanding Processes of Continental Growth. Kusky, T. M., Zhai, M.-G. & Xiao, W. London: Geological Society, London. 338: 329-344.
  • Hinds, D., Simmons, M.D., Allen, M.B. & Aliyeva, E. (2007). Architecture variability within the Pereriva and Balakhany suites of the Neogene Productive Series, Azerbaijan: implications for reservoir quality. In AAPG Studies in Geology 55: Oil and Gas of the Greater Caspian area. Yilmaz, P.O. & Isaksen, G. Tulsa, Oklahoma: AAPG.
  • Allen, M.B., Walker, R., Jackson, J., Blanc, E.J-P., Talebian, M. & Ghassemi, M.R. (2006). Contrasting styles of convergence in the Arabia-Eurasia collision: Why escape tectonics does not occur in Iran. In Postcollisional tectonics and magmatism in the Mediterranean region and Asia: GSA Special Paper 409. Dilek, Y. & Pavlides, S. Boulder, Colorado: Geological Society of America. 579-589.
  • Kroonenberg, S.B, Simmons, M. D, Alekseevski, N.I, Aliyeva, E, Allen, M.B, Aybulatov, D.N, Baba-Zadeh, A, Badyukova, E.N, Hinds, D.J, Huseynov, D, Ibrahimov B, Mamedov, P, Overeem, I, Povalishnikova, E.N, Rusakov, G.V, Suleymanova, S & Svitoch, A.A (2005). Two deltas, two basins, one river, one sea: the modern Volga delta as an analogue of the Neogene Productive Series, South Caspian Basin. In SEPM memoir on deltaic sedimentation.
  • Allen, M.B, Macdonald, D. I. M, Zhao Xun, Vincent, S.J & Brouet-Menzies, C (1998). Transtensional deformation in the evolution of the Bohai Basin, northern China. In Continental Transpressional and Transtensional Tectonics. London: Spec. Rep. of the Geol. Soc. 135: 215-229.

Journal Article

  • Wang, Chao, Song, Shuguang, Allen, Mark B., Su, Li & Wei, Chunjing (2019). High-pressure granulite from Jixian, Eastern Hebei, the North China Craton: implications for Neoarchean to early Paleoproterozoic collision tectonics. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 478(1): 427-448.
  • Obaid, Ahmed K. & Allen, Mark B. (2019). Landscape expressions of tectonics in the Zagros fold-and-thrust belt. Tectonophysics 766: 20-30.
  • Wang, Chao, Song, Shuguang, Wei, Chunjing, Su, Li, Allen, Mark B., Niu, Yaoling, Li, Xian-Hua & Dong, Jinlong (2019). Palaeoarchaean deep mantle heterogeneity recorded by enriched plume remnants. Nature Geoscience 12(8): 672-678.
  • Bi, Hengzhe, Song, Shuguang, Yang, Liming, Allen, Mark B., Qi, Shengsheng & Su, Li (2019). UHP metamorphism recorded by coesite-bearing metapelite in the East Kunlun Orogen (NW China). Geological Magazine 1-13.
  • Dong, Jinlong, Song, Shuguang, Wang, Mingming, Allen, Mark B., Su, Li, Wang, Chao, Yang, Liming & Xu, Bei (2018). Alaskan-type Kedanshan intrusion (central Inner Mongolia, China): Superimposed subduction between the Mongol-Okhotsk and Paleo-Pacific oceans in the Jurassic. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 167: 68-81.
  • Scott, E.M., Allen, M.B., Macpherson, C.G., McCaffrey, K.J.W., Davidson, J.P., Saville, C. & Ducea, M.N. (2018). Andean surface uplift constrained by radiogenic isotopes of arc lavas. Nature Communications 9: 969, 1-8.
  • Viete, D.R., Hacker, B.R., Allen, M.B., Seward, G.G.E., Tobin, M.J., Kelley, C.S., Cinque, G. & Duckworth, A.R. (2018). Metamorphic records of multiple seismic cycles during subduction. Science Advances 4(3): eaaq0234.
  • Yang, Liming, Song, Shuguang, Allen, Mark B., Su, Li, Dong, Jinlong & Wang, Chao (2018). Oceanic accretionary belt in the West Qinling Orogen: Links between the Qinling and Qilian orogens, China. Gondwana Research 64: 137-162.
  • Xu, YR, He, HL, Deng, QD, Allen, MB, Sun, HY & Bi, LS (2018). The CE 1303 Hongdong earthquake and the Huoshan Piedmont Fault, Shanxi Graben: Implications for magnitude limits of normal fault earthquakes. Journal of Geophysical Research 123(4): 3098-3121.
  • Zhang, Y.Q., Song, S.G., Yang, L.M., Su, L., Niu, Yaoling, Allen, M.B. & Xu, X. (2017). Basalts and picrites from a plume-type ophiolite in the South Qilian Accretionary Belt, Qilian Orogen: Accretion of a Cambrian Oceanic Plateau? Lithos 278-281: 97-110.
  • Liu, Runchao, Allen, M.B., Zhang, Qiquan, Du, Wei, Cheng, Xiang, Holdsworth, R.E. & Guo, Zhaojie (2017). Basement controls on deformation during oblique convergence: Transpressive structures in the western Qaidam Basin, northern Tibetan Plateau. Lithosphere 9(4): 583-594.
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