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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Staff Profile

Dr Antonio Capponi - all publications

Doctoral Thesis

  • Antonio Capponi (2016). The consequences of gas slug ascent in a stratified magma on Strombolian eruption dynamics. PhD.

Journal Article

  • Capponi, Antonio & Llewellin, Edward W. (2019). Experimental observations of bubbling regimes at in-line multi-orifice bubblers. International Journal of Multiphase Flow 114: 66-81.
  • Pering, T.D., McGonigle, A.J.S., James, M.R., Capponi, A., Lane, S.J., Tamburello, G. & Aiuppa, A. (2017). The dynamics of slug trains in volcanic conduits: Evidence for expansion driven slug coalescence. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 348: 26-35.
  • Capponi, A., Lane, S.J. & James, M.R. (2017). The implications of gas slug ascent in a stratified magma for acoustic and ground deformation source mechanisms in Strombolian eruptions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 468: 101-111.
  • Capponi, A., James, M.R. & Lane, S.J. (2016). Gas slug ascent in a stratified magma: Implications of flow organisation and instability for Strombolian eruption dynamics. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 435: 159-170.
  • Capponi, A., Taddeucci, J., Scarlato, P. & Palladino, D.M. (2016). Recycled ejecta modulating Strombolian explosions. Bulletin of Volcanology 78(2): 13.
  • Del Bello, E., Lane, S.J., James, M.R., Llewellin, E.W., Taddeucci, J., Scarlato, P. & Capponi, A. (2015). Viscous plugging can enhance and modulate explosivity of strombolian eruptions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 423: 210-218.
  • Taddeucci, J., Scarlato, P., Capponi, A., Del Bello, E., Cimarelli, C., Palladino, D.M. & Kueppers, U. (2012). High-speed imaging of Strombolian explosions: The ejection velocity of pyroclasts. Geophysical Research Letters 39(2): L02301.
  • Taddeucci, J., Alatorre-Ibargüengoitia, M.A., Moroni, M., Tornetta, L., Capponi, A., Scarlato, P., Dingwell, D.B. & De Rita, D. (2012). Physical parameterization of Strombolian eruptions via experimentally-validated modeling of high-speed observations. Geophysical Research Letters 39(16): L16306.