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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Staff Profile

Miss Helena Kelly, MSci

Ph.D. Student in the Department of Earth Sciences

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2014-present: PhD in Earth Sciences- Durham University
2010-2014: MSci (Hons) Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Earth Sciences and Chemistry) – Durham University

PhD Project: Quantifying the significance of countercurrent imbibition on salt precipitation.

Deep saline aquifers are potentially very good places to store excess CO2, but the injectivity of the CO2 can be limited by salt precipitation, which is increased by countercurrent imbibition. This is when water flows back towards the site of injection of CO2, and is caused by a large pressure difference between the aqueous and gaseous phases (a high capillary pressure) upon injection of the gas. The brine and CO2 are partially miscible, causing some water to evaporate and leaving salt to precipitate in the pore spaces of the rock. This limits the porosity of the rock and therefore the injectivity of the gas. This project aims to develop a MATLAB code that accurately models how much of an effect salt precipitation from countercurrent imbibition has on the injectivity of CO2.

Research Interests

  • Numerical modelling of multi component and multi-phase systems
  • Carbon capture and storage