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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

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Prof Jim McElwaine - all publications

Chapter in book

  • Meiburg, Eckart, McElwaine, Jim N. & Kneller, Ben (2012). Turbidity Currents and Powder Snow Avalanches. In Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Volume One. Fernando, H. 1: 557-573.
  • J. N. McElwaine & K. Nishimura (2001). Ping-pong ball avalanche experiments. In Particulate Gravity Currents. W. D. McCaffrey, B. C. Kneller & J. Peakall Blackwell Science. 135-148.
  • J.N. McElwaine (1999). Numerical simulation of Ping-pong ball flows. In Sukiijanpudai jikken to sanjigen ryuushiryuu moderu kaihatu ni yoru nadare ryuudou kikou no kaimei. K. Nishimura Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University. 33-45.
  • J.N. McElwaine (1998). Air Flow and Snow Transport though Aboreal Wind Breaks. In koutsuukankyou o kaizensuru tame no shinrin ni yoru fubuki no hosoku ni kansuru jisshouteki kenkyuu. Hokkaido National Forestry Research Centre and Hokkaido University Institute of Low Temperature Science. 44-49.

Conference Paper

  • Ash, M., Tanha, M. Ardeshir, Brennan, P. V., McElwaine, J. N., Keylock, C. J. & others (2015), Practical implementation of a 16-channel C-band phased array radar receiver, 2015 IEEE Radar Conference IEEE. 66-70.
  • Ash, M. J., Brennan, P. V., Vriend, N. M., McElwaine, J. N. & Keylock, C. J. (2011), FMCW Phased Array Radar for Automatically Triggered Measurements of Snow Avalanches, 2011 European Microwave Week. Manchester, UK, Horizon House Publication, London.
  • Ash, M. J., Brennan, P. V., Vriend, N. M., McElwaine, J. N. & Keylock, C. J. (2011), Two-Dimensional FMCW Radar Imaging of Entire Avalanche Events, 5th IASME / WSEAS International Conference on Geology and Seismology (GES '11). Cambridge, England, WSEAS, Cambridge, 153-157.
  • Ash, M. Brennan, P. V. Chetty, K. McElwaine, J. N. & Keylock, C. (2010), FMCW Radar Imaging of Avalanche-Like Snow Movements, 2010 IEEE International Radar Conference. Arlington, Virginia, IEEE, Piscataway, 102-107.
  • Brennan, P. V., Ash, M., Isa, F. M., Keylock, C. & McElwaine, J. N. (2009), Advanced Radar Imaging of Geophysical Flows, in Trilling, L., Perkins, D., Dionysios, D., Perlovsky, L., Davey, K., Landgrebe, D., Marino, M. A., Russell, D. L., Collicott, S. H., Ceccarelli, M. & Lund, J. W. eds, Mathematics and computers in science and engineering a series of reference books and textbooks 3rd IASME/WSEAS International Conference on Geology and Seismology, Cambridge, Feb. 24-26, 2009. Cambridge, WSEAS Press, 144-147.
  • Turnbull, B. & McElwaine, J. N. (2009), Potential Flow Models of Suspension Current Air Pressure, in Bartelt, P. & Schweizer, J. eds, International Symposium on Snow and Avalanches. Manali, India, SASE, Chandigarh, 286-296.

Conference Proceeding

  • J. N. McElwaine & B. Turnbull (2006). Plume Theories Versus Compact Models for Powder Snow Avalanches. Sixth International Symposium on Stratified Flows, Perth, December 11-14, 2006.
  • D. Issler, C. B. Harbitz, K. Kristensen, K. Lied, A. S. Moe, M. Barbolini, F. V. De blasio, G.Khazaradze, J. N. McElwaine, A. L. Mears, and M. Naaim & R. Sailer (2005). A comparison of avalanche models with data from dry-snow avalanches at Ryggfonn. Landslides and Avalanches ICFL 2005 Norway, Taylor \& Francis Ltd.
  • J.N. McElwaine (2004). Image Analysis For Avalanches. Snow and avalanche test sites, Cemagref.
  • J. N. McElwaine & K. Nishimura (2000). Size Segregation in Snow Avalanches: Observations and Experiments. IUTAM Symposium on Segregation in Granular Flows IUTAM, Dordrecht, Kluwer.
  • A. Hachikubo, J. N. McElwaine, M. Nemoto, T Kaihara & K. Nishimura (1999). A study of an avalanche at the ski resort Niseko, Japan. Proceedings International Snow Science Workshop, Sunriver, Oregon 1998.
  • K. Nishimura, Y. Ito, S. Keller, J. N. McElwaine, Y. Nohguchi, K. Izumi & K. Kawada (1998). Snow Avalanche Dynamics: Observations and Experiments. 25 Years of Snow Avalanche Research, Voss 12-16 May, Oslo, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute.

Doctoral Thesis

  • Anjum, Hafiz Junaid Anjum & McElwaine, JN (2014). Numerical modelling of compositional and particle-driven gravity currents. PhD.
  • McElwaine, J. N. (1996). Approximate Consistency and Prediction Algorithms in Quantum Mechanics. DAMTP, Cambridge University. PhD.

Journal Article

  • Haas, T., McArdell, B.W., Conway, S.J., McElwaine, J.N., Kleinhans, M.G., Salese, F. & Grindrod, P.M. (2019). Initiation and flow conditions of contemporary flows in Martian gullies. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 124(8): 2246-2271.
  • Sylvest, Matthew E., Dixon, John C., Conway, Susan J., Patel, Manish R., McElwaine, Jim N., Hagermann, Axel & Barnes, Adam (2018). CO2 sublimation in Martian gullies: laboratory experiments at varied slope angle and regolith grain sizes. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 467(1): 343-371.
  • Köhler, Anselm, Fischer, Jan-Thomas, Scandroglio, Riccardo, Bavay, Mathias, McElwaine, Jim & Sovilla, Betty (2018). Cold-to-warm flow regime transition in snow avalanches. The Cryosphere 12(12): 3759-3774.
  • Issler, Dieter, Jenkins, James T. & McElwaine, Jim N. (2018). Comments on avalanche flow models based on the concept of random kinetic energy. Journal of Glaciology 64(243): 148-164.
  • Balmforth, N. J. & McElwaine, J. N. (2018). From episodic avalanching to continuous flow in a granular drum. Granular Matter 20(3): 52.
  • Köhler, A., McElwaine, J. N. & Sovilla, B. (2018). GEODAR Data and the Flow Regimes of Snow Avalanches. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 123(6): 1272-1294.
  • Bray, Veronica J., Atwood-Stone, Corwin, Neish, Catherine D., Artemieva, Natalia A., McEwen, Alfred S. & McElwaine, Jim N. (2018). Lobate impact melt flows within the extended ejecta blanket of Pierazzo crater. Icarus 301: 26-36.
  • Sovilla, Betty, McElwaine, Jim & Köhler, Anselm (2018). The intermittency regions of powder snow avalanches. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 123(10): 2525-2545.
  • Mathias, S.A., Greenwell, H.C., Withers, C., Erdogan, A., McElwaine, J. & MacMinn, C. (2017). Analytical solution for clay plug swelling experiments. Applied Clay Science 149: 75-78.
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Other (Print)

  • J.N. McElwaine (1998). Random Hamiltonian Models and Quantum Prediction Algorithms. quant-ph/9812051


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