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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences


Publication details for Professor David Harper

Donovan, S.K., Harper, D.A.T. & Portell, R.W. (2017). Shell-Filled Burrows in the Upper Oligocene Antigua Formation, Antigua, Lesser Antilles. Ichnos 24: 72-77.

Author(s) from Durham


Limestones of the Upper Oligocene Antigua Formation of Antigua contain unusual burrows filled with the densely packed debris of shelly benthos. Unlined burrows (Planolites?) in deep-water biofacies at Half Moon Bay, parish of Saint Philip, are packed with a monospecific assemblage of large benthic foraminiferans (Lepidocyclina canelli Lemoine & Douvillé) and a single brachiopod valve, Tichosina sp. A similar burrow in shallower-water biofacies at Hughes Point, parish of Saint Philip, is packed with echinoderm debris and, particularly, test fragments of the spatangoid echinoid Lovenia n. sp. Fragments of the same echinoid fill a conical burrow, Bergaueria isp. The latter is probably a physical accumulation, the common fragments of echinoid being washed into an empty burrow. In contrast, the infill of Planolites? isp. is more likely to be an accumulation mediated by the burrower.