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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences


Publication details for Dr Darren R. Gröcke

Gröcke, D.R. & Joeckel, R.M. (2008). A stratigraphic test of the terrestrial carbon-isotope record of the latest Albian OAE from the Dakota Formation, Nebraska. Kansas Geological Survey, Open-File Report 2008(2): 24-30.

Author(s) from Durham


Recently, the Albian–Cenomanian boundary was identifi ed in a terrestrial sequence at Rose Creek Pit
(Gröcke et al. 2006) using carbon-isotope stratigraphy of bulk sedimentary organic matter and charcoal.
However, within terrestrial sequences there are inherent diffi culties associated with correlating from one
section to another. In this study, we tested the stratigraphic reproduction of the negative carbon-isotope excursion in bulk sedimentary organic matter (δ13Corg) from a short core adjacent to the Rose Creek Pit and
another from ~2.6 km from Rose Creek Pit. In each of these cores, a significant negative δ13Corg excursion
is recorded that is directly comparable to that produced from Rose Creek Pit and published in Gröcke et al. (2006). Although there are subtle differences in the absolute δ13Corg value of bulk sedimentary carbon between the stratigraphic sections, this has not disguised the overall shape of the curve. Hence, highresolution bulk sedimentary δ13Corg records can be used to correlate not only global stratigraphies, but also locally complex stratigraphies in terrestrial environments.