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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences


Publication details for Prof. Ed Llewellin

Llewellin, EW (2010). LBflow: An extensible lattice Boltzmann framework for the simulation of geophysical flows. Part II: usage and validation. Computers & Geosciences 36(2): 123-132.

Author(s) from Durham


LBflow is a flexible, extensible implementation of the lattice
Boltzmann method, developed with geophysical applications in mind. The
theoretical basis for LBflow, and its implementation, are presented in
the companion paper, 'Part I'. This article covers the practical usage
of LBflow and presents guidelines for obtaining optimal results from
available computing power. The relationships among simulation
resolution, accuracy, runtime and memory requirements are investigated
in detail. Particular attention is paid to the origin, quantification
and minimization of errors.
LBflow is validated against analytical, numerical and experimental
results for a range of three-dimensional flow geometries. The fluid
conductance of prismatic pipes with various cross sections is
calculated with LBflow and found to be in excellent agreement with
published results. Simulated flow along sinusoidally constricted pipes
gives good agreement with experimental data for a wide range of
Reynolds number. The permeability of packs of spheres is determined and
shown to be in excellent agreement with analytical results.
The accuracy of internal flow patterns within the investigated
geometries is also in excellent quantitative agreement with published
data. The development of vortices within a sinusoidally constricted
pipe with increasing Reynolds number is shown, demonstrating the
insight that LBflow can offer as a 'virtual laboratory' for fluid flow.
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