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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences


Prof Mark Allen - all publications

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  • Allen, M.B. (2010). Roles of strike-slip faults during continental deformation: examples from the active Arabia–Eurasia collision. In The Evolving Continents: Understanding Processes of Continental Growth. Kusky, T. M., Zhai, M.-G. & Xiao, W. London: Geological Society, London. 338: 329-344.
  • Hinds, D., Simmons, M.D., Allen, M.B. & Aliyeva, E. (2007). Architecture variability within the Pereriva and Balakhany suites of the Neogene Productive Series, Azerbaijan: implications for reservoir quality. In AAPG Studies in Geology 55: Oil and Gas of the Greater Caspian area. Yilmaz, P.O. & Isaksen, G. Tulsa, Oklahoma: AAPG.
  • Allen, M.B., Walker, R., Jackson, J., Blanc, E.J-P., Talebian, M. & Ghassemi, M.R. (2006). Contrasting styles of convergence in the Arabia-Eurasia collision: Why escape tectonics does not occur in Iran. In Postcollisional tectonics and magmatism in the Mediterranean region and Asia: GSA Special Paper 409. Dilek, Y. & Pavlides, S. Boulder, Colorado: Geological Society of America. 579-589.
  • Kroonenberg, S.B, Simmons, M. D, Alekseevski, N.I, Aliyeva, E, Allen, M.B, Aybulatov, D.N, Baba-Zadeh, A, Badyukova, E.N, Hinds, D.J, Huseynov, D, Ibrahimov B, Mamedov, P, Overeem, I, Povalishnikova, E.N, Rusakov, G.V, Suleymanova, S & Svitoch, A.A (2005). Two deltas, two basins, one river, one sea: the modern Volga delta as an analogue of the Neogene Productive Series, South Caspian Basin. In SEPM memoir on deltaic sedimentation.
  • Allen, M.B, Macdonald, D. I. M, Zhao Xun, Vincent, S.J & Brouet-Menzies, C (1998). Transtensional deformation in the evolution of the Bohai Basin, northern China. In Continental Transpressional and Transtensional Tectonics. London: Spec. Rep. of the Geol. Soc. 135: 215-229.

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