Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Staff and Postgraduate Students

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Departmental Contacts

RoleNameExtemail address
Head of Department Prof. Andy Aplin 42332 a.c.aplin@durham.ac.uk
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor Dr Richard J Brown 42303 richard.brown3@durham.ac.uk
Deputy Undergraduate Admissions Tutor Prof. Fred Worrall 42295 fred.worrall@durham.ac.uk
Chair of the Board of Examiners Prof. Ken McCaffrey 42299
Postgraduate Admissions Tutor Dr. Stuart Jones 42319 stuart.jones@durham.ac.uk
Department Manager Mrs Jill Hoult 42326 j.l.hoult@durham.ac.uk
Learning & Teaching Administrator Mrs Janice Oakes 42310 janice.oakes@durham.ac.uk
Senior Finance Assistant Mrs Paula Elliott 43490
Finance Administrator Mrs Karen Atkinson 42318
Director of Postgraduate Studies Dr Julie Prytulak 42328 julie.prytulak@durham.ac.uk
Director of Research Prof. Ed Llewellin 42336 ed.llewellin@durham.ac.uk
Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee Prof. Simon Mathias 43491 s.a.mathias@durham.ac.uk
Director of Undergraduate Studies Prof. Claire Horwell 42253 claire.horwell@durham.ac.uk
Staff-Student Liaison Committee Chair Prof. Claire Horwell 42253 claire.horwell@durham.ac.uk
Natural Sciences Academic Contact Prof. Yaoling Niu 42311
Safety Officer Dr Chris Ottley 42325
Safety Adviser Fieldwork Dr Nic de Paola 42333 nicola.de-paola@durham.ac.uk
Research Administrator Mrs Dianne Whatcott 42305


Departmental Superintendent Mr James Dyson 42281


Department International Coordinator Prof. Dave Selby 42294