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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Theme Statement:

Climate and environmental change research with the Department of Earth Sciences covers almost the full range of geologic time, from reconstructing the timing and severity of billion-year old ‘Snowball Earth’ episodes to estimating how land management may affect terrestrial carbon reservoirs in the future. Broad issues researched include reconstructing the migration of major atmospheric systems in deep time, major diversifications and extinctions in deep time, reconstructing Holocene tropical cyclone activity, exploring the effects of climate on the ancient oceans, and investigating the link between climate and tectonics. Our research under this theme utilises cutting-edge geochemical techniques, palaeontology, modelling, and environmental monitoring, and ultimately aims to help predict future shifts in climate by better understanding how the Earth’s climate and environment have altered in the past and helped drive biotic change.


Mark AllenJames BaldiniKevin BurtonMartin SmithGillian FoulgerJon GluyasDave HarperStuart JonesDarren GröckeColin MacphersonDave SelbyFred Worrall


Lisa Baldini

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