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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Research Projects

The Department of Earth Sciences is currently host to numerous large projects which are a major part of the active research being undertaken in the department.

Durham Investigator(s) Sponsor Title Value Dates
Prof. Fred Worrall NERC Evaluation, Quantification and Identification of Pathways and Targets for the assessment of Shale Gas RISK £175,688 01/09/2022
Prof. Chris Greenwell Royal Society Strategic and Rare Earth Elements Through Waste Industrial Spoil Extraction (StREET WISE) £33,869 01/05/2020
Prof. Chris Greenwell BP & NERC Oil & Gas CDT Understanding the Nanogeochemistry of Low Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery. £60,000 31/01/2020
Prof. Jon Gluyas EPSRC Systems Integration of Energy Supply and Demand * £198,048 30/09/2021
Prof. Bob Holdsworth BGS UK Oil and Gas -Student Support £49,396 31/08/2021
Prof. Colin Macpherson NERC Tellurium and Selenium Cycling and Supply * £113,087 31/05/2021
Prof. Andy Aplin Durham University (NERC CDT in Oil & Gas) and Shell Quantitative Controls of Pore Systems in Carbonate-rich Shales £20,000 31/03/2020
Prof. Andy Aplin
Dr. Nicola De Paola
Prof. Fred Worrall
NERC Impact of hydraulic fracturing in the overburden of shale resource plays: Process-based evaluation (SHAPE-UK) £255,372 01/09/2022

Durham Investigator(s) Sponsor Title Value Dates
Prof. Simon Mathias NERC Indonesia: Java Flood One £329,009 01/10/2021
Dr. Claire Horwell - with collaborators in Psychology, Anthropology,
SASS and School of Medicine, academic partners in Indonesia, Mexico and Japan
Wellcome Trust & DfID. HIVE - Health Interventions in Volcanic Eruptions. * £585,963 30/10/2018
Stefan Nielsen(Co-Investigator) EU NOFEAR - New Outlook on seismic faults: From EARthquake nucleation to arrest * £128,820 31/12/2019
Prof. Jim McElwaine Leverhulme The Rosetta Stone Network: Physical testing towards a common understanding of debris flows £27.300 31/01/2020
Telemaco Tesei Marie Curie STRAIN: fault STRength breAkdown and Implications for earthquake Nucleation * £123,046 10/09/2019
Prof. Peter Talling Marie Curie SLATE ITN - Submarine LAndslides and Their impact on European continental margins * £186,002 30/03/2021
Prof. Peter Talling NERC Co-ordinating and pump-priming international efforts for direct monitoring of active turbidity currents at global 'test sites' * £269,869 16/04/2019
Dr Ed Llewellin NERC DisEQM, Quantifying disequilibrium processes in basaltic volcanism * £454,668 30/08/2021
Dr Kate Dobson NERC Mobilising magma in the largest eruptions: Quantifying critical processes using in situ real time x-ray tomography * £635,337 30/03/2021
Dr Ed Llewellin
Dr. Madeleine Humphreys
NERC Reconstructing eruptive processes from volatile distribution in volcanic glass * £482,410 30/10/2019

Durham Investigator(s) Sponsor Title Value Dates
Dr. Tom Phillips Leverhulme Fingerprinting structural inheritance: its styles and expression in rift systems £84,779 01/10/2021
Prof. Richard Hobbs
Prof. Christine Peirce
NERC Consortium Grant OSCAR - Oceanographic and Seismic Characterisation of heat dissipation and alteration by hydrothermal fluids at an Axial Ridge * £537,361 01/11/2018
Dr. Madeleine Humphreys
Prof. Colin Macpherson
NERC Consortium Grant Mantle volatiles: processes, reservoirs and fluxes * £385,498 31/08/2020
Prof. Colin Macpherson
Prof. Jeroen van Hunen
NERC Consortium Grant Volatile Recycling at the Lesser Antilles Arc: Processes and Consequences * £322,347 31/12/2019
Dr. Nic de Paola
Prof. Bob Holdsworth
Dr. Stefan Nielsen
EU ITN network CREEP – Complex RhEologies in Earth dynamics and industrial Processes * £170,520 31/03/2019
Prof. Colin Macpherson Leverhulme Fingerprinting Interaction of Magma and Carbonate rocks in Java: an explosive volcanic brew
£49,714 30/06/2019
Prof. Jeroen Van-Hunen Marie Curie Subitop - Understanding subduction zone topography through modelling of coupled shallow and deep processes * £160,331 29/02/2020
Prof. Kevin Burton NERC Quantifying the Chemistry of Sulphide in the Core and its Influence on the Composition of the Silicate Earth * £228,302 31/12/2018
Prof. Christine Peirce NERC Role and extent of detachment faulting at slow-spreading mid-ocean ridges * £363,370 31/08/2020
Prof. Jereon Van-Hunen NERC The Feedback Between Volatiles and Mantle Dynamics * £273.265 31/12/2020
Prof. Jeroen Van-Hunen NERC £65,191 01/04/2019
Dr. Madeleine Humphreys NERC 31/03/2021
Dr. Philip Heron Horizon 2020
Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Individual Fellowships
TEROPPLATE: Testing the role of thermo-chemical piles in the generation and continuation of plate tectonics * £195,454 31/01/2020
Dr. Julie Prytulak NERC The Distribution of Oxygen in Earth’s Mantle £66,250 01/01/2020
Dr. Madeleine Humphreys Royal Society Fractionation and volatile evolution in arc magmas £277,566 30/06/2019