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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Research Programmes

We are a leading Earth Science department with researchers and teachers of the highest calibre. The Department contains a number of major research units including the Durham Geochemistry Centre (DGC), the Kingsley Dunham Earth Imaging Laboratory, and a new Rock Mechanics Laboratory. It also hosts the NERC UK Ocean-Bottom Instrumentation Facility (OBIF).

Previous Projects

Below are examples of research theses completed by previous postgraduate students in Earth Sciences.

Andikagumi, Harisma (2020)Lithospheric Controls on Arc Volcano Distributions.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Guerin-Marthe, Simon (2019)Analogue and Numerical Models of Earthquake Rupture.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Sanford, Oliver,George (2019)Modelling Long-Offset Seismic Wave Propagation and Scattering within Heterogeneous Basalt Sequences.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Santha, Nipada (2019)Understanding Clay-Oil-Brine Interactions at the Nano-scale: Implications for Low-Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery.Doctoral thesis, Durham University

Atar, Elizabeth,Filiz,Lindsay (2019)Late Jurassic Sedimentation in the Boreal-Tethyan Seaway: climate modelling, geochemistry, and petrography of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Scott, Erin,Margaret (2019)Geochemical evolution of Andean arc volcanism and the uplift of the Andes.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Lewis, Helena,Louise (2019)Simulating salt precipitation during CO2 injection in brine aquifers.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Oye, Olakunle,Joseph (2019)Influence of Fluid Pressure and Effective Stress on Quartz Cementation in Clastic Reservoirs.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Tomasek, Ines (2018)Environmental and anthropogenic factors affecting the respiratory toxicity of volcanic ash.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

O'Neill, Sean,Richard (2018)Evolution and distribution of pore pressure across the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Gregory, Emma,Philippa,Mayo (2018)The seismic characterisation of layer 2 in oceanic crust around ODP borehole 504B.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Horan, Kate (2018)The oxidative weathering of organic matter and its carbon dioxide emissions: Insight from the trace elements rhenium and molybdenum.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Inglis, Edward,Christopher (2018)Elemental and isotopic insights into fluid mobility accompanying the subduction of oceanic lithosphere.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Nanne, Josefine,Agnes,Maria (2018)The mass-dependent stable osmium isotope system - Method development and application to high-temperature systems.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Raji, Munira (2018)Unconventional Offshore Petroleum-extracting oil from active source rocks of the Kimmeridge Clay Formation of the North Sea.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

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