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Department of Earth Sciences

The Big Picture - new perspectives on large-scale Earth processes

(21 January 2011)

On Saturday 29th January there will be a joint meeting of the North Eastern Geological Society (NEGS)  and the Yorkshire Geological Society (YGS) with the theme "The Big Picture - new perspectives on large-scale Earth processes".  It will run from 2 pm - 5 pm in the Earth Sciences Department on Durham University Science site.  The programme will be as follows:
a) Dr.Jeroen van Hunen, University of Durham:  A lecture relating to Mantle processes and the dynamics of subduction
b) Dr. Tim Wright, University of Leeds:  Witnessing the birth of a new ocean in Afar- Ethiopia
~3.15- ~3.45 Tea break: Tea & Biscuits (free).  Some partner societies like to put on a display of work/collections/sale items; YGS generally has some publications on sale.
c) Dr. Colin Macpherson, University of Durham: A lecture on Arc Magmatism and latest interpretation of volcanic events in South Asia
d) Professor Roger Searle, University of Durham: Volcanism and Tectonism at Mid-Ocean Ridges: a New Look at Sea-floor Spreading.

You do not have to be linked to the University to attend events or join the society.