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Durham University

Department of Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences News

Departmental Research In Progress Day

(29 May 2018)

As part of their annual progress review our second-year research postgraduate students will present their work at the Department’s Research In Progress Day. As well as the student presenters and their supervisors and review teams, all PGR students and Department staff are invited to attend.

The 2018 RIP Day will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday, 6 June, in ES230 (TR3), with the following talks scheduled:

  • 13:15 Katy Burrows, Rapid detection of earthquake triggered landslides using satellite radar
  • 13:30 Pavlos Farangitakis, An analogue modelling approach to plate motion variations in rift-transform margin intersections
  • 13:45 Simon Guerin-Marthe, Earthquake Nucleation Size: Evidence of Loading Rate Dependence in Laboratory Faults
  • 14:00 Kit Hardman, Fault-void fills - pervasive and persistent fluid flow pathways in fractured crystalline reservoirs
  • 14:15 Josh Hughes, Crystallisation, melt infiltration and trace element enrichment with alkaline to peralkaline intrusions.
    14:30 Tea/Coffee break
  • 15:00 Nipanda Santha, Understanding Low the Salinity Enhanced Oil Recovery in Nanogeochemical Mechanisms
  • 15:15 Miles Wilson, Basin compartmentalisation: interpretation and importance in the long-term migration of hydraulic fracturing fluids
  • 15:30 Catriona Sellick, Understanding the controls of fines migration in sandstones
  • 15:45 Fahad Souid, Geomehchanical characterization and fingerprinting of two major aquifers north of Saudi Arabia
  • 16:00 Natalia Wasielka, Diagenetic controls on reservoir quality in carboniferous tight gas sandstones
  • 16:15 Nico Schliffke, Subduction of land-locked basins