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Department of Earth Sciences


Clues Found That Earth May Have a Thermostat Set to “Habitable”. Weathering of rocks can control Earth’s temperature over geologic timescales, new geochemical data suggest.

(6 September 2017)

Scientists have long speculated on the possibility of a planetary thermostat keeping climate change in check. A new study published in the journal Geochemical Perspectives Letters provides the first-ever evidence of its existence.

Pogge von Strandmann, P. Desrochers, A., Murphy, M.J., Finlay, A.J., Selby, D., Lenton, T.M., 2017. Global climate stabilisation by chemical weathering during the Hirnantian glaciation. Geophysical Letters. 3, 230–237. doi: 10.7185/geochemlet.1726

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