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Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez, BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 41141

Contact Dr Eva Fernandez-Dominguez (email at


  • PhD, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain - Dec 2005
  • MSc Health Expertise (Forensics), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain 2009
  • BSc Biology, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain - 1998

Previous academic appointments

  • Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology (genetics), Liverpool John Moores University, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology, 2012-2015.
  • Post-doctoral Fellow Fundaçao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, Universidade do Algarve. 2011-2012.
  • Post-doctoral Researcher Juan De La Cierva, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 2008-2010.
  • Research assistant, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2005-2007
  • PhD Fellow, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona. 2004. 
  • PhD Fellow (Generalitat de Catalunya), Universidad de Barcelona. 1999-2003.

Postgraduate supervision

I would be interested in supervising postgraduate students in the following areas:

- Ancient human population genetics

- Modern human population genetics

- Forensic genetics

Research Interests

  • Human population genetics (ancient DNA and modern DNA): genetic diversity, migration, kinship
  • Animal population genetics (ancient DNA and modern DNA): genetic diversity, migration Technical developments for ancient and forensic DNA work (sampling, extraction, genotyping)

Selected Publications

  • 1: Gron, Kurt J., Rowley-Conwy, Peter, Fernandez-Dominguez, Eva, Gröcke, Darren R., Montgomery, Janet, Nowell, Geoff M. & Patterson, William P. (2018). A Meeting In The Forest: Hunters And Farmers At The Coneybury ‘Anomaly’, Wiltshire. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 84.
  • 2: García-Martínez de Lagrán, I., Fernández-Domínguez, E. & Rojo, M. (2018). Solutions or illusions? An analysis of the palaeogenetic evidence at the origins of the Neolithic in the Iberian Peninsula. Quaternary International 470(B): 353-368.
  • 3: Fernández-Domínguez, Eva & Reynolds, Luke (2017). The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Europe: a perspective from ancient human DNA. In Times of Neolithic Transition Along the Western Mediterranean. García-Puchol, Oreto & Salazar-García, Domingo C. Cham: Springer. 311-338.
  • 4: Heraclides, Alexandros, Bashiardes, Evy, Fernández-Domínguez, Eva, Bertoncini, Stefania, Chimonas, Marios, Christofi, Vasilis, King, Jonathan, Budowle, Bruce, Manoli, Panayiotis & Cariolou, Marios A. (2017). Y-chromosomal analysis of Greek Cypriots reveals a primarily common pre-Ottoman paternal ancestry with Turkish Cypriots. PLoS ONE 12(6): e0179474.
  • 5: Faustino Carvalho, A., Alves Cardoso, F., Gonçalves, D., Granja, R., Cardoso, J.L., Dean, R., Gibaja, J.F., Masucci, M., Arroyo-Pardo, E., Fernández-Domínguez, E., Petchey, F., Price, T.D., Mateus, J., Queiroz, P.F., Callapez, P., Pimenta, C. & Regala, F.T. (2016). The Bom Santo Cave (Lisbon, Portugal): Catchment, Diet, and Patterns of Mobility of a Middle Neolithic Population. European Journal of Archaeology 19(2): 187-214.
  • 6: Fernández, E., Pérez-Pérez, A., Gamba, C., Prats, E., Cuesta, P., Anfruns, J., Molist, M., Arroyo-Pardo, E. & Turbón, D. (2014). Ancient DNA Analysis of 8000 B.C. Near Eastern Farmers Supports an Early Neolithic Pioneer Maritime Colonization of Mainland Europe through Cyprus and the Aegean Islands. PLoS Genetics 10(6): e1004401.
  • 7: Torres, T., Ortiz, J.E., Fernandez, E., Arroyo-Pardo, E., Gruen, R. & Perez-Gonzalez, A. (2014). Aspartic acid racemization as a dating tool for dentine: A reality. Quaternary Geochronology 22: 43-56.
  • 8: Fernández, E & Arroyo-Pardo, E (2014). Palaegenetic study of the human remains. In Bom Santo Cave and the Middle Neolithic societies of Southern Portugal. Universidade do Algarve. 17: 134-141.
  • 9: Gamba, C., Fernandez Dominguez, E., Tirado, M., Palomo, S., Deguilloux, M.F., Pemonge, M.H. & Arroyo-Pardo, E. (2013), ADN ancien d'échantillons néolithiques de la péninsule Ibérique, in Jaubert, J., Fourment, N. & Depaepe, P. eds, Transitions, ruptures et continuité durant la Préhistoire - XXVIIe Congrès préhistorique de France. Bordeaux-Les Eyzies, France, Société préhistorique française.
  • 10: Fernandez Dominguez, E, Gamba, C, Pérez-Pérez, A, Prats, E, Anfruns, J, Molist, M, Turbón, D & Arroyo-Pardo, E (2013), Ancient DNA and the spread of the Neolithic in Europe. Usefulness, pitfalls and perspectives, in Jaubert, J., Fourment, N. & Depaepe, P. eds, Transitions, ruptures et continuité durant la Préhistoire, actes du XXVIIe Congrès préhistorique de France (Bordeaux – Les Eyzies, 2010) Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux, France, Société préhistorique française.
  • 11: Fernández, E, Thaw, S, Brown, TA, Arroyo-Pardo, E, Buxó, R, Serret, MD & Araus, JL (2013). DNA analysis in charred grains of naked wheat from several archaeological sites in Spain. Journal of Archaeological Science 40: 659-670.
  • 12: Fernandez Dominguez, E., Gamba, C., Tirado, M., López-Parra, A., Palomo, S., Baeza, C., Carvalho, A.M., Gibaja, J.F. & Arroyo-Pardo, E. (2013), The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Iberia. Insights from ancient DNA, Santander, Spain.
  • 13: Gamba, C, Fernández, E, Tirado, M, Deguilloux, MF, Pemonge, MH, Utrilla, P, Edo, M, Molist, M, Rasteiro, R, Chikhi, L & Arroyo-Pardo, E (2012). Ancient DNA from an Early Neolithic Iberian population supports a pioneer colonization by first farmers. Mol Ecol 21: 45-56.
  • 14: Gibaja, JF, Subirà, ME, Terrades, X, Fernández, E & Ruiz, J (2012). Funerary Practices during the Early-Middle Neolithic in North-East Iberia. In Funerary practices in the Iberian Peninsula from the Mesolithic to the Chalcolithic. Gibaja, JF, Carvalho, AF & Chambon, P Archaeopress. BAR S2417 2012: 29-40.
  • 15: Gamba, C., Fernández, E., Tirado, M., Pastor, F. & Arroyo-Pardo, E. (2011). Brief communication: Ancient nuclear DNA and kinship analysis: the case of a medieval burial in San Esteban Church in Cuellar (Segovia, Central Spain). American Journal of Physical Anthropology 144(3): 485-491.
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  • 17: Fernández, E, Gamba, C & López-Parra, AM (2010). El ADN en las ciencias forenses. In Manual de criminalística y ciencias forenses. Baselga, MJA & Acinas, MDMR 284-305.
  • 18: Fernandez, E, Ortiz, JE, Perez-Perez, A, Prats, E, Turbon, D, Torres, T & Arroyo-Pardo, E (2009). Aspartic acid racemization variability in ancient human remains: implications in the prediction of ancient DNA recovery. JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE 36: 965-972.
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  • 20: Gamba, C, Baeza, C, Fernández, E, Tirado, M, López-Parra, AM & Arroyo-Pardo, E (2009). Validation of the MiniFiler™ Kit in archaeological samples. Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 2: 17-18.
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  • 26: Fernández, E, Guerrero, E & Anfruns, J (2007). Estimation of nutritional status, population and health conditions: demographic and human spatial distribution in Tell Halula. In From the adoption of Agriculture to the Current Landscape: long term interaction between Men and Environment in the East Mediterranean Basin. Buxó, R & Molist, M Museu Arqueologia de Catalunya-Barcelona. 71-72.
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