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Durham University

Durham Cultural Evolution Research Centre

Durham Cultural Evolution Research Centre

We use evolutionary models to study cultural change and diversity

We meet regularly to discuss a a wide variety of topics including: the evolution of cognition; innovation and social learning; the evolution of technology, art, music and narrative; religion and sociality; language and communication; theories of cultural evolution; gene-culture coevolutionary systems; and applied, impactful research.

We use methods including: experiments to test aspects of cognition and behaviour; statistical analysis of secondary data; phylogenetic reconstruction and phylogenetic comparative methods; mathematical modeling and computer simulation of cultural evolutionary dynamics.

We are an outward-facing Centre, welcoming new members from a wide range of disciplines who's research may intersect with the field of cultural evolution, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested to find out more and enjoy cross-disciplinary conversation.

The Centre has strong links with the Cultural Evolution Society - president: Rachel Kendal.

For the latest Cultural Evolution publications, consider reading the Palgrave Communications Cultural Evolution Collection - editor: Jamie Tehrani.


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