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Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology


From Biosciences:

Dr John Bothwell - Expertise in algal bioenergy.

Dr Adrian Brennan - Expertise on ecological and quantitative genetics of speciation, invasiveness and plant reproductive system.

Dr Martin Cann - Expertise in biochemistry and signal transduction.

Dr Stephen Chivasa - Expertise in plant-pathogen interactions and programmed cell death.

Dr Wayne Dawson - Expertise in plant invasions at global, community and individual plant scales.

Dr Peter Etchells - Expertise in plant vascular development.

Dr Elaine Fitches - (Deputy Director) Expertise in the protection of crops against invertebrate pests

Professor John Gatehouse - Expertise in crop protection against insects and other invertebrates, plant-insect interactions.

Dr Tim Hawkins - Expertise in bioimaging and advanced microscopy

Professor Patrick Hussey – Expertise in structure, function and regulation of the cytoskeleton, cell structure and cell viability in response to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Dr Heather Knight - Expertise in gene transcription and plant freezing stress responses.

Professor Marc Knight - Expertise in abiotic and biotic stress and cell signalling pathways.

Professor Keith Lindsey - Expertise in plant genetics, plant development and plant tissue culture and transformation.

Dr Junli Liu - Expertise in systems biology and mathematical modelling.

Dr Miguel de Lucas - Expertise in the role of chromatin in controlling plant development

Dr Dana MacGregor - Expertise in seed biology and transgenerational responses to the environment

Dr Ehmke Pohl - Expertise in solving three-dimensional structures of proteins associated with virulence and disease.

Professor Nigel Robinson - Expertise in the cell biology of metals.

Professor Ari Sadanandom - (Director) Expertise in post-translational regulation of proteins involved in abiotic and biotic stresses.

Dr Jen Topping

From Chemistry:

Dr Patrick Steel - Expertise in bioactive small molecule synthesis, molecular probes of cellular processes

From Engineering and Computing Sciences:

Karen Johnson

From Mathematical Sciences:

Ian Jermyn - Expertise in Bayesian statistics, image processing and computer vision, in particular shape and texture for classification and segmentation.