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Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology

Research Activities

Crop protection and yield-improvement

•Novel nematode resistance strategies
•Ubiquitin pathways leading to crop host immunity.
•Toxic fusion proteins for control of mollusc and insect pests of crops.
•Molecular basis of freezing tolerance.
•Using cellular metal ions for control of pathogens.
•The role of the cytoskeleton in crop pathogen responses.
•The role of extracellular ATP in pathogen responses.
•Drought tolerance mechanisms in Sorghum.
•Exploiting plant resistance proteins for crop protection.
•Manipulating root growth to improve yield.
•Calcium signalling in stress tolerance & plant productivity.
•The role of stress gene activation in crop protection.

Industrial Biotechnology

•The molecular basis of multiple herbicide resistance in grass weeds.
•New chemistries for weed control.
•Metal detection using transcriptional regulators.
•Biodiesel production using photosynthetic microbes.
•Production of renewable ricinoleic acid for the polymer industry.