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Saturday 3 November 2018

Bodies Re-formed: Materiality, Transformation and the Performative

9:00am to 6:00pm, Lindisfarne Centre, St. Aiden's College, Durham University

The body, along with its visual representations, has been a central communicative vessel throughout history. The fluidity of bodily movement allows for instant transformative changes from one pose to the next, which can be interpreted according to a specific set of meanings. This highly constructed performance articulates cultural understandings of the Self and society at large.

The interaction of the body with clothing or other materials complicates the dynamic visual language of physical movement. Entwined in careful choreography, the two elements merge into a third entity. Separately, the body and its materials invoke certain associations, but together the two combine to form a distinct set of meanings. Devoid of familiar postures and orientations, the body’s new movements and dimensionality are suggestive of something beyond the mundane. This interaction is crucial to the creation of a performative act, a representation that is dependent on the relationship between both components.

A Call for Papers for this conference is avaliable here.

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Tuesday 13 November 2018

Art, Architecture and Museums Series - Behind the Scenes at the Museum

5:45pm to 7:45pm, The Gala Theatre, Durham

A panel discussion about how museums actually work. Locomotion is the only national museum in County Durham; it is part of the Science Museum Group, which also has museums in Manchester, Bradford, York and London. It is supported by Durham County Council and operates as part of the National Railway Museum, York. Shildon is the world’s first railway town. We will discuss what goes on behind the scenes at Shildon and York, and what the vision for the future is.

Judith McNicol is Director of the National Railway Museum, York
Sarah Price is Head of Locomotion, Shildon, Co Durham
Andrew McLean is Assistant Director of the National Railway Museum, York
Charlotte Kingston is Head of Interpretation and Design, National Railway Museum, York

These events are free but booking is recommended.
03000 266600

Wednesday 14 November 2018

New Research on Women's Suffrage: A Centennial Picture

5:00pm to 8:00pm, Education Centre, Palace Green, University of Durham

To mark 100 years since the first general in which women could exercise the right to vote granted to some of them under the 1918 Representation of the People Act, we welcome two leading researchers to Durham. This event will hear about their work, with archival and visual sources, to illuminate the campaigns for and consequence of women’s suffrage.

Dr. Sumita Mukherjee is Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Bristol and an alumna of Durham’s History Department. Her book Indian Suffragettes: Female Identities and Transnational Networks was published with Oxford University Press in 2018, with research undertaken during an AHRC Early Career Leadership Fellowship between 2015 and 2017.

Dr. Mari Takayangi is Senior Archivist at the UK’s Parliamentary Archives. She is currently the joint project manager of the Vote 100 Project, marking the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK (, and co-curator of the ‘Voice and Vote’ exhibition in Westminster Hall.

The event is free and open to all, including the general public and forms part of the events held across the UK to mark Parliament Week 2018. It is hosted by the Durham University’s Department of History and the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture (CVAC), with a community reception supported by DU’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit.

Please use this booking form to sign up.

Thursday 15 November 2018

French Research Seminar series: Professor Emma Wilson (Cambridge), Nan Golding and the Reclining Nude

15th November 2018, 16:00, ER146 (Elvet Riverside 1)

Abstract: Figures of prostration, horizontality and reclining have frequently returned in Goldin's photographic works. This paper explores reclining figures in two installation projects she mounted in Paris, Sisters, Saints and Sibyls in the chapel Saint-Louis-de-la-Salpêtrière (2003) and Scopophilia in the Louvre museum (2010). These works included projections with voice-over, as well as still images. In Sisters, Saints and Sibyls Goldin animates the history of her sister Barbara Holly Goldin who committed suicide aged 19. In Scopophilia she aligns images from her own corpus with photographs she has taken in the Louvre and other museums, focusing in particular on the naked body, and on pleasure in looking. In these two projects Goldin explores how images of passivity, of slipping from the vertical, may be beautiful, expressive, cathartic. She adopts a feminist politics of protest and pleasure.

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Matisse film screening

Wednesday, 21 November, 17.45, Elvet Riverside, Room 201

A film screening has been organised by the Art Fund in partnership with the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture.

£12 / £5 for students. All welcome.

Pay on door or book tickets here:

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