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Durham University

Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse (CRiVA)


The following is a sample of recent publications authored by CRiVA members. Please note that you can find the most up to date and comprehensive information about our members' publications using their staff profile pages.


  • Westmarland, N. and Bows, H. (2019) Researching Gender, Violence and Abuse: Theory, Methods, Action. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Westmarland, N. (2015) Violence Against Women: Criminological Perspectives on Men’s Violences. London: Routledge.

Policing violence and abuse

  • Westmarland, N., McGlynn, C. and Humphreys, C. (2018) Using restorative justice approaches to police domestic violence and abuse. Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 2(1): 339-358.
  • Bows, H. and Westmarland, N. (2018) Older sex offenders – managing risk in the community from a policing perspective. Policing and Society, 28(1): 62-74.
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  • Myhill, A. and Johnson, K. (2016) Police use of discretion in response to domestic violence. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 16(1): 3-20.

Domestic violence and abuse

  • Bows, H. (2018) Domestic homicide of older people (2010–15): A comparative analysis of intimate-partner homicide and parricide cases in the UK. British Journal of Social Work, bcy108.
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  • Riggs, D., Taylor, N., Fraser, H., Donovan, C. and Signal, T. (2018) The link between domestic violence and abuse and animal cruelty in the intimate relationships of people of diverse genders and/or sexualities: A bi-national study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
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  • Westmarland, N. (2017) Domestic violence and abuse: Working together to transform responses in the workplace. Vodafone Foundation.
  • Kong, S.T. (2016) Social work practice research innovation, implementation and implications: A case of ‘Cooperative Grounded Inquiry’ with formerly abused women in Hong Kong. Qualitative Social Work, 15(4): 533-551.

Rape and sexual violence

  • Bows, H. and Westmarland, N. (2017) Rape of older people in the United Kingdom: Challenging the ‘real rape’ stereotype. British Journal of Criminology, 57(1): 1-17.
  • Bows, H. (2017) Practitioner views on the impacts, challenges, and barriers in supporting older survivors of sexual violence. Violence against Women, 24(9): 1070-1090.
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  • Westmarland, N. and Alderson, S. (2013) The health, mental health and well-being benefits of Rape Crisis counselling. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28(17): 3265-3282.

Engaging men and boys in violence prevention

  • Burrell, S.R. and Flood, M. (2019) Which feminism? Dilemmas in profeminist men's praxis to end violence against women. Global Social Welfare.
  • Burrell, S.R. (2018) The contradictory possibilities of engaging men and boys in the prevention of men's violence against women in the UK. Journal of Gender-Based Violence 2(3): 447-464
  • Burrell, S.R. (2016) The invisibility of men's practices: Problem representations in British and Finnish social policy on men's violences against women. Graduate Journal of Social Science, 12(3): 69-93.

Justice for victim-survivors

  • McGlynn, C. and Westmarland, N. (2018) Kaleidoscopic justice: Sexual violence and victim-survivors’ perceptions of justice. Social and Legal Studies.
  • McGlynn, C. (2018) Challenging the law on sexual history evidence: A response to Dent and Paul. Criminal Law Review, 3: 216-228.
  • McGlynn, C. (2017) Rape trials and sexual history evidence: reforming the law on third party evidence. Journal of Criminal Law, 81(5): 367-392.
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  • McGlynn, C., Westmarland, N. and Godden, N. (2012) "I just wanted him to hear me": Sexual violence and the possibilities of restorative justice. Journal of Law and Society, 39(2): 213-240.

Pornography and image-based sexual abuse

  • Vera-Gray, F. (Forthcoming) Women, porn, and ambiguity. In: Jacobs, F. (ed.) Pornography: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Oxford: Peter Lang.
  • McGlynn, C., Rackley, E. and Houghton, R. (2017) Beyond 'revenge porn': The continuum of image-based sexual abuse. Feminist Legal Studies, 25(1): 25-46.
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  • Rackley, Erika & McGlynn, Clare (2013) Prosecuting the possession of extreme pornography: A misunderstood and misused law. Criminal Law Review, (5): 400-405.

Public sexual harassment and men's intrusive practices

  • Vera-Gray, F. (2018) The Right Amount of Panic: How Women Trade Freedom for Safety in Public. Bristol: Policy Press.
  • Vera-Gray, F. and Fileborn, B. (2018) Recognition and the harms of “Cheer Up”. The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence, II(1): 78-96.
  • Vera-Gray, F. (2017) ‘Talk about a cunt with too much idle time’: Trolling feminist research. Feminist Review, 115(1): 61-78.
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  • Vera-Gray, F. (2016) Men’s stranger intrusions: Rethinking street harassment. Women’s Studies International Forum, 58: 9-17.
  • Vera-Gray, F. (2016) Men's Intrusion, Women's Embodiment: A Critical Analysis of Street Harassment. Abingdon: Routledge.

Child sexual abuse

  • Darling, A., Hackett, S. & Jamie, K. (2018) Female sex offenders who abuse children whilst working in organisational settings: Offending, conviction & sentencing. Journal of Sexual Aggression.
  • Jessiman, P., Hackett, S. & Carpenter, J. (2017) Children's & carers' perspectives of a therapeutic intervention for children affected by sexual abuse. Child & Family Social Work, 22(2): 1024-1033.
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  • Balfe, M., Gallagher, B., Masson, H., Balfe, S., Brugha, R. and Hackett, S. (2015) Internet child sex offenders’ concerns about online security and their use of identity protection technologies: A review. Child Abuse Review, 24(6): 427-439.

Young people with harmful and abusive sexual behaviours

  • Campbell, F., Booth, A., Hackett, S. and Sutton, A. (2018) Young people who display harmful sexual behaviors and their families: A qualitative systematic review of their experiences of professional interventions. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse.
  • Murphy, M., Ross, K. and Hackett, S. (2017) Sexually Harmful Behaviour in Young People. In: Bailey, S., Tarbuck, P. and Chitsabesan, P. (eds.) Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of Young Offenders. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 121-134.
  • Hackett, S., Balfe, M., Masson, H. and Phillips, J. (2016) A study of long-term outcomes of children with harmful sexual behaviours: Using social media to reach and engage a 'hard-to-reach' population. In: Hardwick, L., Smith, R. and Worsley, A. (eds.) Innovations in Social Work Research: Using Methods Creatively. London: Jessica Kingsley, pp. 92-106.
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