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H1K709 Engineering, Communications MSc
V1K607 Early Modern History MA
F644 Earth Sciences MSci
L100 Economics BA
L1T109 Economics MSc
LL12 Economics and Politics BA
L106 Economics with Business Placement BA
L101 Economics with Foundation BA
L1R1 Economics with French BA
L103 Economics with Management BA
L104 Economics with Management with Business Placement BA
L105 Economics with Management with Study Abroad BA
L109 Economics with Study Abroad BA
X9K907 Education MA
X9KD07 Education (International Postgraduate Programme) MA
X6K114 Education (Primary) PGCE
X7K214 Education (Secondary) PGCE
X1Q3 Education Studies - English Studies BA
X1Q3 English Studies as part of an Education Studies degree BA
X1F8 Education Studies - Geography BA
X1V1 Education Studies - History BA
X1W3 Education Studies - Music BA
XV35 Education Studies - Philosophy BA
X1C8 Education Studies - Psychology BA
XL33 Education Studies - Sociology BA
X1V6 Education Studies - Theology and Religion BA
X301 Education Studies with Foundation BA
X9K009 Educational Assessment MSc
X2K309 Educational Assessment (International Summer Postgraduate Institute) MSc
L6K807 Energy and Society MSc
Q3K107 English Literary Studies MA
Q300 English Literature BA
QV21 English Literature and History BA
QV35 English Literature and Philosophy BA
Q301 English with Foundation BA
L1T409 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics MSc
F630 Environmental Geoscience BSc
M1K616 European Trade and Commercial Law LLM
C9K609 Evolutionary Anthropology MSc
L6K707 Evolutionary Medicine MSc
L1T309 Experimental Economics MSc
L1T309 Economics, Experimental MSc
H100 Engineering, General MEng
H103 Engineering, General BEng
H104 Engineering with Foundation BEng
CFG0 Economics and Mathematics BSc
CFG0 Economics and Psychology BSc
CFG0 Earth Sciences and Mathematics BSc
X9KC14 Education, Practice of PCert
X101 Education, Primary BA
X120 Education, Primary with QTS with Foundation BA
L1T209 Economics, Public MSc
X1K107 Education (Research Methods) MA


NN21 Management and Business with Foundation BA
N1T617 Master of Business Administration (Business Development) MBA
X1W3 Music as part of an Education Studies degree BA
L6K707 Medicine, Evolutionary MSc
N3K909 Management and Islamic Finance MSc
N2P109 Management MSc
N2K607 Management MA
N2P809 Management (Business Ethics) MSc
N2P309 Management (Entrepreneurship) MSc
N2P209 Management (Finance) MSc
N2P409 Management (Human Resource Management) MSc
N2P609 Management (International Business) MSc
N2P909 Management (Supply Chain Logistics) MSc
L5KB07 Managing Community Practice MA
L5KC07 Managing Youth Work Practice MA
N501 Marketing BA
N5K609 Marketing MSc
N505 Marketing with Business Placement BA
N504 Marketing with Foundation BA
N507 Marketing with Study Abroad BA
N1T517 Master of Business Administration MBA
M1K116 Master of Laws LLM
G1K509 Mathematical Sciences MSc
G100 Mathematics BSc
G103 Mathematics MMath
G101 Mathematics (European Studies) MMath
G104 Mathematics (European Studies) BSc
G107 Mathematics with Foundation BSc
L6K507 Medical Anthropology MSc
L605 Medical Anthropology MAnth
A100 Medicine MBBS
A191 Medicine with Foundation MBBS
R9K807 Medieval and Early Modern Studies MA
Q3K407 Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies MA
V1K107 Medieval History MA
RV92 Modern European Languages and History (with Year Abroad) BA
V1K707 Modern History MA
R002 Modern Languages and Cultures (with Year Abroad) BA
V6K607 Museum and Artefact Studies MA
W300 Music BA
W3K707 Music MA
WV53 Music and Philosophy BA
W301 Music with Foundation BA
CFG0 Mathematics and Philosophy BSc
CFG0 Mathematics and Physics BSc
CFG0 Mathematics and Psychology BSc
FGC0 Maths and Physics MSci


Q8K707 Philosophy MA
Q8K307 Philosophy MA
X6K114 PGCE Primary PGCE
X7K214 PGCE Secondary PGCE
XV35 Philosophy as part of an Education Studies degree BA
X1C8 Psychology as part of an Education Studies degree BA
QV35 Philosophy and English Literature BA
L2T109 Politics, Global MSc
Q8K807 Philosophy MA
WV53 Philosophy and Music BA
CFG0 Philosophy and Physics BSc
F4K809 Palaeopathology MSc
F3K209 Particles, Strings and Cosmology MSc
X6K214 PGCE Primary (International) PGCE
X7K414 PGCE Secondary (International) PGCE
B230 Pharmacy MPharm
B231 Pharmacy with Foundation MPharm
V500 Philosophy BA
V5K022 Philosophy GDip
V7K107 Philosophy MA
LV25 Philosophy and Politics BA
LV25 Politics and Philosophy BA
CV85 Philosophy and Psychology BA
CV85 Psychology and Philosophy BA
VV56 Philosophy and Theology BA
V501 Philosophy with Foundation BA
VL52 Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA
F300 Physics BSc
F301 Physics MPhys
FF3N Physics and Astronomy MPhys
F302 Physics with Foundation BSc
L200 Politics BA
L202 Politics (Year Abroad) BA
L2K407 Politics and International Relations (Political Theory) MA
L201 Politics with Foundation BA
X9KC14 Practice of Education PCert
X101 Primary Education BA
X120 Primary Education with Foundation BA
C800 Psychology BSc
C817 Psychology (Applied) BSc
C818 Psychology (Applied) with Foundation BSc
L1T209 Public Economics MSc
B9K709 Public Policy and Global Health MSc
B9K714 Public Policy and Global Health PCert
B9K712 Public Policy and Global Health PGDip
M1K807 Politics and International Relations (Research Methods) MA
Q3K707 Poetry, Studies in MA
F344 Physics, Theoretical MPhys
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