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Computing and Information Services

Managed Desktop Service

MDS is a system for managed Windows desktops built on the experience gained in supporting the classroom NPCS system but with extra functionality and features. MDS is built on Microsoft's Active Directory architecture and is designed as a replacement system for staff and admin personnel and for other users currently running individual PCs in a networked fashion.

The key features of MDS are :

  • Windows desktop supported on suitable hardware configurations; virus scan protection with automatic updates
  • Roaming profiles which allow user settings to follow the user
  • A suite of core applications including everyday tools such as word processing, spreadsheet, email, web browser which are supplied to all machines
  • Additional applications provided to specific groups of PCs as required.
  • Automatic updates for all these applications as they become available
  • Automatic repair of applications in the unlikely event that one of their components becomes corrupted
  • Centralised file store for user data which offers snapshots of the file store at defined intervals and which is fully resilient and automatically backed up
  • Options for group file store on central servers for workgroup based file sharing; no need for local servers or local backup of data
  • Support for local and networked printers, including workgroup shared printers
  • Fully restorable configuration in the unlikely event that a major software or hardware problem damages the system
  • Advice and support from the IT Service Desk for core applications