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Computing and Information Services

EnSuite Conditions

1. Service

1.1 Acceptance of Responsibility.

A user will be held responsible for any breach of regulations carried out by others with the use of his or her EnSuite Online connection.

1.2 Duration of service.

A full service is offered during the academic year. For users who apply within these dates, the service will be offered from the date of application until the end of the Easter Term.

Service will be available during the Christmas and Easter vacations for users resident in their own room. EnSuite Online access will be available during the summer vacation as an additional service for which a further subscription fee will be charged. Only limited support will be provided during this period and the service may be subject to interruption without notice.

1.3 Interruption of service.

The service may be unavailable for brief periods due to normal scheduled maintenance, of which users will be notified in advance wherever possible. The ability to offer a service may be affected by failure of equipment on EnSuite Online or connected networks, including those outside the control of the University. Users should be aware that problems which occur out of term time or when the University is closed, may take longer than normal to resolve.

1.4 Network security.

To ensure the security of EnSuite Online, the University reserves the right to conduct scans of the network in order to determine what computers are connected to it and what services they are operating. If there is reasonable ground to believe that a computer connected to the network may present a security risk or contravenes the acceptable use policy, EnSuite Online may request full access to the system in order to assess and resolve the problem.

1.5 Payment of fees.

Payment for EnSuite Online, for the duration described in section 1.2 of this document, is made through the College. Where a College requires students to change rooms mid-way through the year, special arrangements apply.

1.6 Refunds.

Refunds will be applicable in those cases where EnSuite Online is deemed to be at fault, this is limited to those cases where the EnSuite Online data point is inoperative for more than 3 weeks after the fault is reported.

If the user is unable to connect their system to the network through no fault of EnSuite Online, the right is reserved to deduct from any refund the cost incurred in processing an application and assisting the user.

Those users who apply to EnSuite Online and fail to use the service for reasons other then the above, will not be considered for a refund. Furthermore, users who breach the Regulations will not be considered for a refund under EnSuite Online regulations, section 2.1.