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Centre for Intercultural Mediation

TaCo: Taboo Conference Series

Venue: Grey College, Durham University, UK

Keynote Speakers

Keith Allan, Monash University, Australia

Keith Allan, MLitt, PhD (Edinburgh), FAHA, is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Monash University and Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland. Allan's research focuses mainly on aspects of meaning in language, with a secondary interest in the history and philosophy of linguistics. Co-author of Forbidden Words: Taboo and the Censoring of Language (2006) and Euphemism and Dysphemism: Language Used as Shield and Weapon (1991) (both with Kate Burridge) he has published widely on the topics of censorship, dysphemism, euphemism, language policy, politeness, pragmatics, semantics, sociolinguistics, speech act theory, and of course, taboo. He is Editor of The Australian Journal of Linguistics and on the editorial boards of several other journals.

Phil Hubbard, University of Kent, UK

Phil Hubbard is Professor of Urban Studies and Director of Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Kent. A geographer by training, his research focusses on the city as a site of social conflict, engaging in particular with urban “disorder”. Hubbard is best known for his work on the sex life of the city that has manifested in a series of funded projects on the management of street sex work, the licensing of commercial sex premises and, latterly, ESRC-funded research on the effects of lap dance premises on local residents and businesses. He has published or co-edited 10 books, with Cities and Sexualities (2011) pulling together a number of strands in his work concerning the ways that sexuality is regulated and governed through space.

Don Kulick, University of Chicago, USA 

Don Kulick is professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. He works within the frameworks of both cultural and linguistic anthropology, and has carried out field work in Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Italy and Sweden. Kulick is an anthropologist committed to ethnographic fieldwork as a method and as a way to approach and extend theories about interaction, social life and subjective understanding. His writing addresses topics such as the language socialization of children, language death, prostitution, queer theory, transgender, language and sexuality, fat, and ethics and disability. He compiled and co-edited The Language and Sexuality Reader (2006) with Deborah Cameron. His forthcoming book (co-written with Swedish historian Jens Rydström) is provisionally entitled Fucked: sex, disability and the ethics of engagement and will be published by Duke University Press later this year.