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Combined Honours in Social Sciences

What our students say

Seona Brannan
Spanish, Politics and International Relations, Geography

When applying for university I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study. I loved all my A Level subjects, and wanted to carry them all on to some degree. From visiting open days, I realised Durham’s Combined Honours degrees are unique, given that they offer so much flexibility.

As a Combined Honours student I have so much more flexibility over module choices than Single Honours students. This has allowed me to study what I really want to, meaning I enjoy it so much more.

I would like to go into International Development / peacekeeping and conflict management. My studies here will help immensely – my range of subjects allows me to develop a range of skills. In particular, studying a language will improve my employability, especially if I want to work for international organisations in the future.

Karina Casey
Anthropology, Business, History of Art, International Relations

As an international student coming to Durham University I have appreciated the flexibility and variety of subjects that the Combined Honours program offers. The capacity of the Combined Honours program to connect and engage in multiple disciplines whilst still maintaining an in-depth approach to my studies has allowed me to develop a unique and cumulative education.

I have immensely enjoyed the diversity of my lectures. The different subjects, alternative perspectives, and change in routine are refreshing and always interesting. I have found that though my subjects may vary across the social sciences, there are overlapping themes and multidisciplinary connections that enhance my understanding of each specific subject and my course as a whole.

Combined Honours in Social Sciences is a challenging but rewarding course that allows for greater flexibility, independence, and choice than alternative single or joint honours degrees.

Harry Randall
Chinese, Politics and International Relations, Business

I chose the Combined Honours in Social Sciences course at Durham because it has allowed me to tailor my course to my specific interests. I am able to maintain a broad spectrum of subjects, which I believe is crucial for employment prospects.

Upon graduation from Durham, I intend to pursue a career in risk consulting. I believe that I will move between various sectors throughout my corporate career and in this regard my studies will allow me to develop my transferrable skills. I am able to demonstrate my ability to achieve goals through independent study and also prove my ability to take on new challenges.

I could not recommend applying to study Combined Honours enough. It is a fantastically rewarding course that allows you to maintain studying a breadth of subjects that you find interesting.

Mariama Dryak
Geography, Archaeology, English

I chose to study Combined Honours in Social Sciences at Durham due to the flexibility of the modules I could take within different disciplines that were not necessarily related to each other. It enabled me to study an unconventional combination completely unique to the Combined Honours programme.

I really enjoy the courses I am taking, as well as the flexibility I have in the different topic areas I am able to study. The combination of Geography and Archaeology is a unique and highly helpful combination within the field of conservation, an area in which I hope to be employed in the future.