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Centre for Political Thought

Members' Publications

CHPT Publications 2007- 2011:

Baron, Ilan. (forthcoming) The Revolution will be Tomorrow at Two: 18 Days in Egypt. Columbia University Press/C. Hurst and Co Forthcoming June 2013 (with Jeroen Gunning)

Baron, Ilan. 2010 "Risking One¹s Life for the State: The Missing Just War Question?" Review of International Studies. Vol. 36, no. 1: 215-234.

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Baron, Ilan. 2009 Justifying The Obligation to Die: War, Ethics and Political Obligation with Illustrations from Zionism. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books).

Black, Lawrence. (forthcoming) 'An enlightening decade? New histories of 1970s Britain', International Labor and working-class history

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