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Centre for Political Thought

Alan Milne Memorial Address

This year’s address will be given on the 8th May by Elizabeth Ashford from the University of St. Andrews

Alistair and James Milne attending the address in 2016

Alan Milne (1922 – 1998) was a Professor in political theory who worked in the Politics Department of Durham University for 11 years between 1976 and 1987. His books included The Social Philosophy of English Idealism (1962), Freedom and Rights (1968), The Right to Dissent (1983), Human Rights and Human Diversity (1986) and The Ethical Frontiers of the State (1997). Alan’s fate was rather unusual. He fought in the Second World War and lost his eyesight in a battle. Subsequently to that he studied at Oxford and LSE and went on to have an outstanding academic career as a lecturer at the Queen’s University Belfast and a Professor at Durham.

Previous Addresses:


“Interpreting the History of Political Thought- Collingwood, Gadamer, Derrida”. Gary Browning, Oxford Brookes University.


"Rootless Desert and the Problem of Punishment with some tangential remarks on Evelyn Waugh, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Donald Trump". Professor Matt Matravers, University of York.


"Regulating Relationships in the Marriage-Free State". Clare Chambers, Jesus College, Cambridge University.


"Philosophy, Ethics and Society: Taking History Seriously". Prof John Haldane, University of St Andrews.


"Confucius and the Good Life: the Need for Comparative Political Thought". Professor Antony Black, University of Dundee.