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Centre for Political Thought

Henry Tudor Memorial Address

HT address: 4 March 2013

Prof Alan Cromartie (Reading University): 'The English Idea of Freedom'


HT address: 12 March 2012

Ian Fraser (University of Loughborough): 'Identity, Politics and the Novel: The Aesthetic Moment - McEwan's Atonement'


HT address: 14 March 2011

Steven Smith (Yale University): ‘Machiavelli’s idealism’


HT address: 9 March 2009

Peter Lassman (University of Birmingham): ‘Realism, Moralism, and Reason of State: Max Weber and Modern Political Thought’


HT address: 28 February 2008

Julia Stapleton (Durham University): ‘England: a Nation? Reflections on English nationhood before and after Devolution’

HT address: 22 February 2007

Professor Terrell Carver (University of Bristol): 'Science Fictions: Marketing Hobbesian Materialism in Age of Brain Scans


Iain Hampsher-Monk (Exeter),Robert Eccleshall (Queen's Belfast), Howard Williams (Aberystwyth), Gordon Graham (Aberdeen), Nicholas Rengger (St Andrews)

Prof. David Owen

HT address: 2006

Professor David Owen, (University of Southampton): "Machiavelli's Glory: The Prince, the Historian and Political Ethics

Prof. Quentin Skinner

The following lectures were delivered between 2001 and 2005,

2000 Professor Quentin Skinner

'Why Laughing Mattered in the Renaissance'

Iain Hampsher-Monk, (Exeter); Robert Eccleshall, (Queen's, Belfast); Howard Williams, (Aberystwyth); Gordon Graham, (Aberdeen); Nicholas Rengger, (St.Andrews)