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Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Previous Fellows

2011 Visiting Fellow:

June to August 2011: Professor Zhang Zhen’ai, College of Foreign Languages, Yanbian University, Jilin, China

Topic: Multilingualism and multilingual education for the Korean ethnic minority in China

Funding: UCCL and Yanbian University jointly funded

Sponsor: Mamtimyn Sunuodula

2007 Visiting Fellows:

June to July 2007, Professor Ju Hongbo, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

2006 Visiting Fellows:

July, 2006: Professor Ren Xiao, Acting Director and Senior Fellow at the Department of American Studies, Shanghai Institute of International Studies, visited from 16 July to 4th August.

January, 2006: Professor Zhang Jikang, Director of the Centre for European Studies at Fudan suddenly and tragically died on 18th February whilst visiting Durham. He was to have given a lecture 'New Developments of China's Foreign Markets'

2005 Visiting Fellows:

May-June, 2005: Professor Feng Zhongping, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations. He gave a public lecture 'EU-China Relations: A Chinese Perspective'.

July, 2005: Professor Zhu Feng, School of International Studies, Beijing University, visited from 11 to 31 July.

July, 2005: Professor Hua Min, President of the World Economic Institute, Fudan University, visited from 23 June to 5 July. Prof Hua Min gave a talk to the Business School on Recent Development of Chinese Finance, and on Monday, 27th at 12:00 a seminar was held in the Department of East Asian Studies for Professor Hua Min to deliver a talk on Chinese Currency.

November, 2005: Professor Yu Yongding, Institute of World Economy and Politics, Beijing, visited from 3 to 13 November. He gave a formal lecture at the Durham Business School, 'The Currency Exchange Rate in Transition'. He also gave a more informal talk 'New Developments in China's Exchane Rate Policy and the Chinese Economic Growth'.

2003 Visiting Fellows:

Summer 2003: Professor Xiang Shiling, Philosophy Department, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China

Topic: Comparative study of East West philosophical traditions

Funding: CCCS

Sponsor: Mamtimyn Sunuodula