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Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Durham-Peking University Student Exchange Programme

Huang Chang

My life as exchange student in Durham:

'I would say the most splendid experience I have in my 2013 is the exchange journey to Durham. As a native Chinese who has never stepped out of Asia for 23 years, I chose to take a brave adventure in a different culture. It is this fruitful journey that rewards me with invisible yet priceless asset that I could benefit for life...' (Huang Chang, MA student, Michaelmas 2013-2014)

Ma Guolin

My life as exchange student in Durham:

'As a joint PhD student from Peking University, I spent 6 months at Durham - a very beautiful university. I study international relations and Chinese politics in the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, School of Government and International Affairs. I often attended lectures in a wood[en] building, went shopping in the centre of city and read books in the library. In that period, my life was quiet, and my heart was sunny. I hope I have time to visit Durham again, and again ...' (Ma Guolin, PhD student, Michaelmas and Epiphany 2011-2012)