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Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

 Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies

Welcome to the website of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies at Durham University. Founded in 1999 CCCS is a multi-disciplinary research centre dedicated to the study of contemporary China and the wider East Asian region, specialising particularly in the fields of Business, Education, Law, Modern Languages and Culture, Geography, Government and International Politics and Political Economy. The Centre gains greatly from having one of the most significant collections on China and East Asia in the UK in Durham University Library. The Centre is strongly committed to collaborative research with our partners in China, including the training of new generations of specialists on the East Asian region. Details of present and past activities are given on these pages, as well as an introduction to the opportunities for training and research on China and East Asia available at Durham University.


East Asia: An International Quarterly has been edited in the School of Government and International Affairs since 2004. It has more than 33 years of history and is currently published by Springer.

Vol. 33, Issue 4 (December 2016)

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News and Events

21-22 March 2017

International Conference

Title: 'One Belt, One Road' and China's Westward Pivot: Past, Present and Future

Venue: Al-Qasimi Building, SGIA


Al-Sabah Programme, Durham University

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies, Durham University

Danish Institute for International Studies

Grey College, Durham University


19 January 2017

Public Lecture

Title: China’s Global Leadership Narrative in the 21st Century

Co-organiser: Al-Sabah Programme

Speaker: Prof. Niv Horesh

Date: 19 January 2017

Time: 1:00 pm

Venue: Room 102, Al-Qasimi Building, SGIA

Prof. Niv Horesh is Visiting Research Fellow in SGIA. He is a China specialist with over 20 years of experience ranging across the private sector, public service and academia. Between 2000-2003, he lived and worked in Beijing, and has been visiting different parts of the Chinese-speaking world regularly since. In 2002, Niv received accreditation as Professional NAATI Translator from Chinese into English.


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14 September 2016

Durham Chinese School students achieved 100% A* grade in this year's GCSE examination. There were a total of 12 students (a record number for the School) who took the Mandarin Chinese GCSE exam and all students achieved the highest A* grade. The School offers Chinese language education to school-age children from all backgrounds and organize cultural events. The School is supported by the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies and is currently headed by the Acting Director and Secretary of the Centre.

AHRC Grant

Dr Cao Qing (MLAC), our Centre’s member, was one of the Co-Investigators of the major £3.9 million project ‘Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community’ granted by the AHRC. The project is led by Stephen Hutchings of Manchester University.

Hunan Foundation for Practicing Traditional Chinese Culture Grant

Two members of the Centre, Dr Binghan Zheng from MLAC (PI) and Dr Mamtimyn Sunuodula from the Library (Co-I), received a research grant (£56,710) from Hunan Foundation for Practicing Traditional Chinese Culture, Changsha, China for a three-year project (2015-18) entitled ‘Traditional Chinese Culture and Modern Management’.


23 May 2016

The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies (CCCS) committee meeting was held in room 222, Al-Qasimi Building from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

5 May 2016

Public Lecture

Title: Engaging North Korea: Sanctions, Inducements and the Nuclear Crisis

Speaker: Prof. Stephan Haggard

Date: 5th May 2016 (Thursday)

Time: 3:30-5:00

Venue: Room 102, Al-Qasimi Building, SGIA

Stephan Haggard is the Krause Distinguished Professor at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California San Diego. His publications include Pathways from the Periphery: The Newly Industrializing Countries in the International System (1990); The Political Economy of Democratic Transitions (with Robert Kaufman 1995); The Political Economy of the Asian Financial Crisis (2000); and Democracy, Development and Welfare States: Latin America, East Asia, Eastern Europe (with Robert Kaufman 2008) and Dictators and Democrats: Masses, Elites and Regime Change (forthcoming 2016). His work on North Korea with Marcus Noland includes Famine in North Korea (2007); Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea (2011) and Hard Target: Engaging North Korea (forthcoming 2016). They also run the Witness to Transformation blog at

Prof. Stephan Haggard

The audiences

Schwarzman Scholars

A final year student, Tara Subba, from SGIA, was awarded Schwarzman Scholars and will join the global leaders program at Tsinghua University in China for the next academic year. She is one of the 111 students selected from a pool of more than 3,000 applicants from 135 countries. Links from the university as follows:

Durham News

4 March 2016

Public Lecture

Title: 'Taiwan’s Political History 1945-2000 in Eleven (Election) Advertisements'

Speaker: Dr Dafydd J. Fell (SOAS), University of London

Date: 4 March 2016

Time: 5:00pm - 6:15pm

Venue: Room 102, Al-Qasimi Building

Dafydd J. Fell is the Reader in Comparative Politics with special reference to Taiwan at the Department of Political and International Studies of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He is also the Director of the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies. In 2004 he helped establish the European Association of Taiwan Studies. He has published numerous articles on political parties and electioneering in Taiwan. His first book was Party Politics in Taiwan (Routledge, 2005), which analyzed party change in the first fifteen years of multi-party competition. In 2006 he co-edited What has Changed? Taiwan’s KMT and DPP Eras in Comparative Perspective (Harrassowitz), a volume examining the impact of the first change in ruling parties in Taiwan. In 2008 he edited a four volume reference collection of articles titled Politics of Modern Taiwan (Routledge). His latest book is Government and Politics in Taiwan (Rouledge, 2011). He has a new co-edited volume titled Migration to and from Taiwan (Routledge, 2014). He is also the book series editor for the new Routledge Research on Taiwan Series.

Dr Dafydd J. Fell

23 February 2016

Public Lecture

Title: 'UK Chinese Population in the North East Region'

Speaker: Prof Gary Craig (Durham University)

Date: 23rd February 2016

Time: 6:30pm - 7:45pm

Venue: Room 102, Al-Qasimi Building

Gary Craig is Professor of Community Development and Social Justice at Durham University. His research interests include 'race' and ethnicity, modern slavery, poverty and deprivation and community development. He has led two major research institutes and more than 100 research studies, including several looking at the situation of Chinese people in this country.

Prof Gary Craig

Wei Lun Distinguished Visiting Professor

Gordon Cheung’s (Director) successful application to become the Wei Lun Distinguished Visiting Professor for three months (1 Sept. to 30 Nov. 2016) in the Institute of Economics at Tsinghua University.

8 December 2015

The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies (CCCS) committee meeting was held in Al-Qasimi Building from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

5 December 2015

Gordon Cheung (Director) met with Mr Laurence Brahm in the Wellcome Collection in London. Laurence Brahm is a well-known public intellectual, pioneer social entrepreneur and prolific writer. He is the founder of Himalayan Consensus and African Consensus. He has been advising the Chinese government on the environmental issues since 2012. His latest book is Fusion Economics: How Pragmatism is Changing the World (Palgrave 2014).

From Left: Gordon Cheung (Director) and Mr Laurence Brahm

12 November 2015

The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies (CCCS) helped co-organise an international conference: The 1st Durham-Huxiang Forum on Chinese Studies: Traditional Chinese Culture & Its Application in Modern Business Management. The two main organisers were The Centre for Intercultural Mediation of Durham University (Dr Binghan Zheng, the Director, is the member of CCCS) and Hunan Foundation for Practicing Tradition Chinese Culture, China. It was held in Joachim Room, St Hild & St Bede College. Speakers included: Dr Yongjiang Shi, Cambridge University; Mr Don Starr, Durham University; Dr Wenxuan Hou, Edinburgh University; Prof Hanmin Zhu and Prof Sui Hu, Hunan University; and Prof Yu Xiong, Newcastle Business School, etc.

3 November 2015

Public Lecture:

Title: Anti-corruption Campaign or Political Purge? Xi Jinping’s Tiger Hunt

Speaker: Andrew Wedeman, Department of Political Science, Georgia State University

Time: Tuesday 3rd November (6.30pm – 8.00pm)

Venue:Al-Qasimi Building, Room 102

His book Double Paradox: Rapid Growth and Rising Corruption in China was one of the 2012 Foreign Affairs Magazine Best Books of the Year


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Prof. Andrew Wedeman

The audiences

15 October 2015

A brief comment 'Promoting Europe worldwide' from Gordon Cheung, Director, has been published in Europe's World (a Europe-wide policy journal) in their new initiative “The Europe We Want!”.

21 September 2015

Durham University has recently received a donation of 1,500 volume set (containing 3,641 titles) fine, cloth-bound reproduction of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong’s (1711-1799) Complete Library of Four Treasures (四库全书), thanks to a generous donation from Hong Kong based Chin-Kung Multicultural Education Foundation. To celebrate, the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies of (SGIA), the University Library, the Centre for Intercultural Mediation of (MLAC) held a joint conference on 21 September 2015 to mark the donation.

Event: New Explorations into Methods and Sources for Chinese Studies: The Complete Library of Four Treasuries and Beyond

Date: 21 September 2015 (10:30-16:30)

Venue: Bill Bryson Library, Durham University

Media coverage:

The Chronicle Live coverage

The Northern Echo coverage

BBC news on Professor Master Chin-Kung

Our Centre’s members, Dr Binghan Zheng (first from left) and Mr Mamtimyn Sunuodula (second from left) received a volume of the Complete Library of Four Treasures (四库全书) from the benefactor, Professor Master Chin-Kung (second from right).


Complete Library of Four Treasures (四库全书)

Conference audiences

Speaker 1. Prof Victoria Hui, University of Notre Dame

Speaker 2. Dr Sare Aricanli, Durham University

Speaker 3. Mr David Helliwell, Oxford University

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