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Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society

CHESS Weekly Research Meetings

CHESS organises weekly research meetings for its members and interested colleagues. Meetings take place each Thursday during term time at 10:15am in the Philosophy Department Seminar Room (unless otherwise stated).

At meetings, academics and postgraduate students keep track of and help with each other's research, forge new projects and read and discuss new work together. All we ask is that attendees read the paper (circulated in advance) and come prepared to help think problems through with the group.

All welcome - please contact for more information or to be added to the mailing list.

Easter Term 2017/18:

Date Author Paper Title
26 April 2018 William Peden Direct Inference in the Material Theory of Induction (chapters 1, 2 and 3)
03 May 2018 Donal Khosrowi Extrapolation in Econometrics – Hopes, Assumptions and the Extrapolator’s Circle
10 May 2018 William Peden Direct Inference in the Material Theory of Induction (Part 2)
17 May 2018 Robin Hendry Structure, Scale, and Emergence
24 May 2018 Malte Dold How to Criticize James M. Buchanan? Amartya K. Sen on the Normative Premises of Constitutional Contractarianism
31 May 2018 Brian Nosek et al

The Preregistration Revolution

07 June 2018

Amartya Sen

James M. Buchanan

The Impossibility of a Paretian Liberal

An Ambiguity in Sen's Alleged Proof of the Impossibility of a Pareto Liberal

14 June 2018 Darrell Rowbottom

What Is Scientific Understanding? An Anti-Realist View

21 June 2018 Chien-Yang Huang Title tbc

Epiphany Term 2017/18:



Paper Title

18 January 2018

Alan Hájek The reference class problem is your problem too

25 January 2018

P. Kyle Stanford Unconceived alternatives and conservatism in science: the impact of professionalization, peer-review, and Big Science

1 February 2018

Julie Rehmeyer Chapters 19 and 20 of 'Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer's Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn't Understand'

8 February 2018

Christopher Cowie Epistemic Reductionism

15 February 2018

William Peden

A Carnapian Answer to the Paradox of the Ravens

22 February 2018

S. M. Amadae Extracts from Prisoners of Reason

1 March 2018

Wendy Parker Model Evaluation: An Adequacy-for-Purpose View

8 March 2018

Erin Nash

Is Freedom of Speech Sufficient for Freedom of Thought?

15 March 2018

Julian Reiss Inferentialism and the Relationship between Singular and Genetic Causation

Michaelmas Term 2017/18:



Paper Title

12 October 2017

Wendy Parker (Durham University) Can Simulations Provide Novel Evidence?

19 October 2017

Donal Khorsrowi (Durham University) Values in Evidence-Based Policy paper

26 October 2017

William Peden (Durham University) Imprecise Probability and Keynes's "Weight of Arguments"

2 November 2017

Sharon Crasnow (Norco College) Political Science Methodology: A Plea for Pluralism

9 November 2017

Barbara Davidson and Robert Pargetter

Guilt Beyond Reasonable Doubt

16 November 2017

Inkeri Koskinen (University of Helsinki) Defending a Contextual Account of Objectivity

23 November 2017

Doug Scott (What You See Is All There Is Ltd) Discussion on RCTs

30 November 2017

Richard Williams (Durham University)

The Incoherence of Competent Voters

7 December 2017

Greg Lusk (University of Chicago) Storms of our own making? Extreme weather event attribution, uncertainty, and decision-making

14 December 2017

Julian Reiss (Durham University) Expertise, Consensus, and the Nature of Social Scientific Facts, Or: Against Epistocracy

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