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Durham University

Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS)

CHESS Weekly Research Meetings

CHESS organises weekly research meetings for its members and interested colleagues. Meetings take place each Thursday during term time at 10:20am in the Philosophy Department Seminar Room (unless otherwise stated).

At meetings, academics and postgraduate students keep track of and help with each other's research, forge new projects and read and discuss new work together. All we ask is that attendees read the paper (circulated in advance) and come prepared to help think problems through with the group.

All welcome - please contact for more information or to be added to the mailing list.

Michaelmas Term 2018/19:

Date Author Paper Title

James W. McAllister

Using History as Evidence in Philosophy of Science: A Methodological Critique

25-Oct-18 Robin Hendry Immanent Philosophy of X
01-Nov-18 Amartya Sen Rational Fools: A Critique of the Behavioral Foundations of Economic Theory
08-Nov-18 Rune Nyrup

Explanations for Medical Artifical Intelligence

15-Nov-18 David Williams Citizen's Science
22-Nov-18 Mariusz Maziarz The evidence for and meaning of causal claims in economics
29-Nov-18 Katherine Puddifoot Re-evaluating the Credibility of Eyewitness Testimony: The Misinformation Effect and the Overcritical Juror
06-Dec-18 Doug Scott Cause and effect - links between biology and philosophy
13-Dec-18 Nancy Cartwright Mechanisms and Middle-Level Laws

Epiphany Term 2018/19:

Date Author Paper Title
17-Jan-19 Richard Dawid Turning Norton's Dome Against Material Induction
24-Jan-19 Julian Reiss Causal Explanation Is All There Is To Causation

Benedikt Knüsel et al

Understanding the Climate System and the Dilemma of Data-Driven Models

07-Feb-19 William Peden Does the Dome Defeat the Material Theory of Induction?
14-Feb-19 Omar El Mawas TBC
21-Feb-19 Peter Harrison Naturalism and the Success of Science
28-Feb-19 Richard Williams The Trojan Horse Problem For Epistemic Proceduralism
07-Mar-19 James Fraser Why Underdetermination Isn't Always Bad
14-Mar-19 David Ludwig Ontological Choices and the Value-Free Ideal
21-Mar-19 No meeting *Afternoon workshop with Sharon Crasnow and Inkeri Koskinen*

Easter Term 2018/19:

Date Author Paper Title
02-May-19 Jonny Abdal Making Bad Inferences: Concerns for training data in machine learning
09-May-19 Doug Scott Cause and effect - links between biology and philosophy (part 2)
16-May-19 Menno Rol TBC
23-May-19 Menno Rol TBC
30-May-19 No meeting *Afternoon workshop on the Philosophy of Statistics*
06-Jun-19 Katherine Furman TBC
13-Jun-19 Harry Lewendon-Evans TBC
20-Jun-19 Peter Vickers Scientific Realism and the 1811 Gill Slit Prediction
27-Jun-19 TBC TBC

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