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Centre for Communications Systems


Recent awards

  1. Ofcom awarded the Centre a grant to study mm wave propagation for future 5G radio systems
  2. Intel, USA awarded the Centre a grant to model the mm wave propagation channel

Winter Graduation January 2016

Congratulations to Adnan Cheema (pictured on the left) and Xavier Raimundo who have completed their PhD studies received their degrees at Durham's January Graduation event. Adnan and Xavier are both now working as "Research associates" on mm wave propagation under an Ofcom contract at the Centre for Communications Systems, ECS, Durham University.

International visits and contributions to international standards

  1. Invited visit at European Joint Research Centre, JRC, Ispra, July, 2015
  2. Contributions to Study Group 3 of the ITU were submitted and approved for inclusion in P.1411 an P. 1238 on mm wave propagation
  3. Professor Salous, nominated to be a Management Committee member of the forthcoming COST Action IRACON

Propagation studies in the millimetre wave band for 5G

The Centre has upgraded its channel sounding capability to cover multiple frequency bands as designated by the recent World Radiocommunications Conference, WRC15 and to cover multiple sites for both short term indoor and outdoor measurements and for long term measurements to study the impact of precipitation. The research is funded under Impact Acceleration Account of EPSRC, Ofcom and Intel, USA.

The extended sounding capability will enable simultaneous measurements over four frequency bands with dual polarised antennas and in the 30 GHz band, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) capability enables 8 by 8 measurements to cover all azimuthal angles using custom designed antennas with 45o each mounted around a circle.

Propagation measurements in the 30 GHz and 60 GHz frequency bands, have been performed with single and dual polarised antennas with different antenna beamwidths including angular information measurements using lens antennas.

Visitors to the Centre


Industrial Visitors

The Centre received visitors from the two leading instrumentation manufacturers where the researchers in the Centre demonstrated the state of art channel sounder designed and developed at the Centre for Communication Systems, Durham for propagation studies fro 5G radio systems

USRI Commission C Young Scientist visit

The Centre received the Young Scientist of URSI Commission C, Dr. Ruisi He, Beijing Jiaotong University who delivered a seminar on Progress in Propagation and Wireless Channel Modelling for Rail Traffic Scenarios

Academic visitors

Under the Chinese scholarship scheme:

Chenguang Shi, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA), 2016

Ms.Wu Xiaofang (Ms.) Senior Engineer, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese

Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2016

Ms. Mengwei Sun, Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications: 2015-2016

Mr.Tao Zhong: Beijing Jiaotong University: 2014-2015

Mr. Yuteng Gao: Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, 2013-2015

Ms. Wencan Peng: Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an, 2014-2015

Mr. WANG YING: Beijing Research Institute of Telemetry 2015

The Centre also received a visitor from INSA Rennes, France 2015

Visitors to the Centre from China and France, Participation in 5G propagation meausrements