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Centre for Communications Systems


IET workshop on the Radio Propagation and Technologies for 5G

3rd of October 2016 the Centre is hosting the IET workshop on the Radio Propagation and Technologies for 5G

The event is organised by the Antennas & Propagation TPN and chaired by Professor Sana Salous and Dr. Richard Rudd from Plum Consulting, UK

Scope of the event

At the World Radio communications Conference held in November 2015, several frequency bands between 24 GHz to 86 GHz were identified for future 5G cellular networks, backhaul and fronthaul. These higher frequency bands provide a wide bandwidth for high data communications over short distances on the order of a few hundred meters. These bands, however, suffer from high attenuation, penetration loss, and human shadowing. This has generated a great deal of interest in radio propagation studies at millimetre wave frequencies to estimate suitable path loss models, and wideband channel parameters. Due to the small wavelength, beamforming and massive-MIMO are potential technologies for 5G.

Abstracts are invited from the following areas, but not exclusively:

Radio propagation measurement techniques.

Path loss models for indoor and outdoor environments Channel modification strategies Effect of human shadowing Beamforming technologies Massive MIMO technologies Wideband channel parameters and models Spectrum sharing New technologies such as augmented reality Radio propagation for device to device Dispersion and attenuation effects of precipitation

2. Between the 4-6th of October, the Centre is hosting the Second Technical Meeting of the COST Action IRACON CA15104

The Inclusive Radio Communications (IRACON) concept defines those technologies aimed to support wireless connectivity at any rates, for any communicating units, and in any type of scenarios.