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Durham University

Durham Arctic Research Centre for Training and Interdisciplinary Collaboration (DurhamARCTIC)

Potential projects

We anticipate that in any given year’s cohort, some DurhamARCTIC students will be carrying out staff-designed research projects (as is generally the norm in the sciences) and others will be conducting student-generated projects (as is generally the norm in the social sciences and humanities). For information on any staff-designed projects that may be eligible for DurhamARCTIC studentships, as well as specific areas in which academic staff are specifically encouraging student-generated proposals, please consult individual departments’ postgraduate studies webpages. We stress again, that successful proposals may be anywhere on the continuum from fully designed by an academic member of staff to independently proposed by a student.

Below are links to some staff-proposed projects, as well as, where applicable, department webpages listing proposed projects (in some cases these will include non-Arctic related projects interspersed with those that could be eligible for DurhamARCTIC support). Potential applicants interested in a specific project, or who wish to propose a project to a potential supervisor, are encouraged to contact relevant staff prior to applying.

The list below will be updated as new projects are proposed.

Potential projects

"Biodiversity colonisation of the Arctic under climate change: impacts on land, sea & people"
Prof Stephen Willis (Department of Biosciences), Dr Sally Street (Department of Anthropology), Dr Aleksi Lehikoinen (Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki)

"Protecting marine bioresource use in a changing Arctic"
Dr John Bothwell (Department of Biosciences) and Prof Simone Abram (Department of Anthropology)

"Holocene Sea-Ice Variability and interaction with the ocean and ice sheet along the West Greenland Margin"
Dr Jerry Lloyd, Professor Erin McClymont, Prof Colm O’Cofaigh (Department of Geography) and Prof Dave Selby (Department of Earth Sciences)

"Predicting risk and planning mitigation against regional impact from climate change on populations of Arctic char"
Prof A. Rus Hoelzel, Dr Martyn Lucas (Department of Biosciences) and Dr Erin McClymont (Department of Geography)

More projects will be uploaded shortly. Please check back regularly for updates

Please Note: Recruitment of the final cohort of DurhamARCTIC PhD students funded by the Leverhulme Trust grant has concluded. No further recruitment of DurhamARCTIC PhD students is planned for the foreseeable future.