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Advanced Research Computing

Advanced Research Computing

Research Computing

Digital information, computational and data-intensive methods have become vital to cutting-edge research across the sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences. Research Computing is the innovative use of computer hardware and software to enhance research. At Durham University it underpins our scientific methods alongside theoretical and experimental approaches; providing insight where experiments may be too uncertain (biology/medicine), expensive (oil & gas), or impossible (extreme conditions).

Research computing includes High-Performance Computing (HPC) but is not limited to it, for example, it involves the storage and manipulation of large datasets. Contemporary applications are satellite images, the data pipelines from laboratory equipment such as sequencers and microscopes; visualisations of a virtual universe, the reconstruction of destroyed buildings, and Agent-Based Models of social interaction in large populations. As ARC we also support interrogation of datasets from broader society, environment and culture including Social Media and the Digital Tech Community.

The ARC Directorate provides researchers the link to computational expertise and resources and the catalyst for new research directions across all disciplines whether within the University or to external partners and organisations.

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Advanced Research Computing
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