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SOFI CDT Cohort posters providing a summary of their recent research.

Cohort 1

  • Ben Robertson:
  • Ethan Miller:
  • Denise Li:

  • Jon Millican:
  • Alessandro Gulotta:
  • Papoole Valadbaigi:
  • Michael Heeran:
  • Rahul Chacko:
  • Jake McClements:
  • Edgar Simmons:
  • Dan Taylor:

Cohort 2

  • Natasha Boulding:
  • Jess Andrews
Functional Polymers forSolid Dispersions Gel-phase crystallisation of pharmaceuticals
  • Rebecca Fong
  • Vishal Makwana
Small Molecular Migration in Thin PVA Films Thermal, structural and Degradation Properties of an Aromatic-Aliphatic Polyester Built Through ROP
  • Will Foster
  • Peter Wyatt
  • Morfo Zembyla
  • Jack Law
  • Vanessa Woodhouse
  • Phil Buckley
  • Joseph French
  • Hugh Barlow