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Travelling between Durham City and Queen's Campus, Stockton

An inter-campus bus service is available for all students and staff travelling between Durham and Queen's Campus, Stockton. This is a half hourly service during the day time and an hourly service during the evening, Monday to Saturday with an hourly service on Sundays. Students and staff can travel on the public Arriva X12 service during both term time and vacation periods. To travel on the X12, which is limited between the set points of Harvard Avenue, Stockton and Durham Bus Station and from Durham Bus Station to Aykley Heads, adjacent to Keenan House on the X2, staff and students need to show their valid campus ID card to the driver. A printable copy of the timetable for 2014/15 can be found below. This includes details for the bus service which will be in operation during both term time and vacation periods (please note a reduced service operates during the vacation periods). 

The main stops for the University are as follows:

  • Queen's Campus (Harvard Avenue)
  • Victoria Bridge (Rialto Court)
  • Stockton High Street (North and South)
  • Durham Road/Hardwick Road Junction
  • Sedgefield Green
  • Sedgefield Salters Lane
  • WInterton Hospital A177 Junction (Netpark stop)
  • Coxhoe Belgrave Avenue
  • then ALL stops to Durham Bus Station. 
  • Aykley Heads/Keenan House (as X2 service)

The X12/X2 services run between Middlesbrough and Newcastle and are split as follows: 

  • The service from Middlesbrough to Durham Bus Station and vice versa is numbered X12
  • The service from Durham Bus Station to Newcastle and vice versa is numbered X2

Travel is also available on the X2 but only from Durham Bus Station to Aykley Heads (the stop for Keenan House) and return. If you arrive at Durham Bus Station and wish to go to the stop at Aykley Heads/Keenan House you can stay on the X12 service as it is the number on the bus that will change to X2 only so there is no need to go and seek a different bus in Durham Bus Station. To assist with travel between Durham Bus Station and Aykley Heads, Arriva have kindly offered a flat fee of 50p per single journey on the 64 service.

Free Travel on Arriva 56 & 57 Bus Services

To assist with travel between Coxhoe and Durham Bus Station, Arriva have kindly offered all staff and students free travel on their 56 & 57 services throughout the day, Monday to Friday. Free travel is only available at the same bus stops at which the X12 stops. Please see related links for access to the relevant timetables for these services.

For up to date information about delays to Arriva services, please access the new free Arriva App which show live data and locations of their buses.

If you encounter any problems, in particular with late night services, emergency contact may be made directly to Arriva using the following number to enquire about the situation: 

0191 212 5411

this is the direct line to the control room who will (in most circumstances) be able to see the location of a bus on a monitor. This is open until midnight each night. Should you forget/mislay the above number then you may contact the Holliday Security Office on 0191 334 0080 who will have these to hand.

If you experience any delays or problems or have any comments please contact Yvonne Flynn using the following email address or use the feedback form and any comments will be passed on to Arriva.


Bus Timetables

Bus Stop Locations

The X1 (from 4th January 2015, rebranded as the Arriva X12) intercampus bus will stop at all recognised X1 (X12) stops between Durham and Coxhoe. To view an on-line map showing all the bus stops in a given area, please click on this link. Hovering your mouse over any bus stop icon will bring up a list of buses which stop there.

By Car

If your circumstances require that you travel between campuses using your car, why not find out if anyone else is travelling by using the University's Car Sharing Scheme? Details can also be entered onto the system if your are car driver and wish to offer a car share.  More details can be found on the car share website.