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Travelling between Durham City and Queen's Campus, Stockton

PLEASE NOTE: that the arrangements for free travel on the inter-campus bus service, Arriva X12, are still available, including free travel on Arriva 56 & 57 bus services between Coxhoe and Durham Bus Station up to and including Saturday 29 September 2018. However, with effect from Sunday 30 September 2018, due to the repurposing of Queen's Campus, free travel will no longer be available. Changes will be introduced which include an expansion to the area in which staff and students are able to travel unlimited for £1 per day within Durham City and beyond. Further details are available.

Bus Travel between Durham City and Stockton from 30 September 2018

Staff and students who find themselves travelling on a regular basis between Durham City and Stockton may wish to consider the following options:

Staff: Annual Corporate Discount Scheme - purchase one zone - the Durham County Zone. Further details are available on the Arriva website but staff should use the details on the Greenspace website to purchase these tickets.

Students: Arriva County Durham Student and Young Persons' Savers ticket. Daily, weekly, 15 week and an Academic Year (1 September 2018 to 31 July 2019 can be purchased any time). Students should purchase these tickets from the Arriva website.

Please note that the above tickets allow you to use the ticket across the boundary line between Stockton and Durham which can also be used around the County of Durham giving unlimted travel in this County only (and not in Tees Valley/Stockton area).

Please find a link to our Frequently Asked Questions page here.