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Queen's Campus Bicycle User Group

Cycle Safety

In an article in the Sunday Times on 3rd November 2013 David Spiegelhalter, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University asked the question of "whether the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks".

Professor Spiegelhalter explains that "from a fitness perspective, there is no doubt that getting people cycling is an extraordinarily good investment. The recent National Travel Survey reported that cyclists did an average of 20 minutes a day of moderate exercise, which is almost exactly the government recommended minimum level. If this 20 minutes is almost all the exercise you do, then there is a huge benefit, taking a few years off your effective age or putting an hour on your life for each 20 minutes of activity."

Professor Spiegelhalter also discusses the risks associated with cycling saying that "our average cyclist will have about a one in 8m chance of getting killed in that 20 minutes" but concludes by saying "People have done the sums and I'm happy to report that, taking everything into account, the public health benefits of cycling outweigh the risks about tenfold."

Bike Maintenance

Good advice on basic bike maintenance can be found at: