Durham University


Energy and Sustainability Team

Senior Energy & Sustainability Manager - vacant

This role is to manage, develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Government and European legislation relating to energy, environmental and carbon management and to implement the effective delivery of the University's Energy Management and Environmental Strategies.

Sustainability Managers (Energy and Infrastructure) - Michael Harkness and Mick Corner

Michael and Mick are accredited as Low Carbon Energy Assessors, which involves producing Display Energy Certificates and carrying out energy audits for Durham University. They manage utility supplies, identifying energy savings and monitoring carbon emissions. They also managing a growing portfolio of sub-metering to provide more accurate monitoring and targeting of energy & water use in our buildings.

Mr Michael Corner, Tel: 0191 33 46018
Email: michael.corner@durham.ac.uk

Mr Michael Harkness, Tel: 0191 33 46276
Email: michael.j.harkness@durham.ac.uk

Sustainability Manager (Travel and Biodiversity) - Yvonne Flynn

Yvonne oversees the implementation of the University's Sustainable Travel Plan and assists with other key sustainability initiatives across the University including the promotion of Biodiversity. She also leads on car parking for the University.

Ms Yvonne Flynn, Tel: 0191 33 4219
Email: y.r.flynn@durham.ac.uk

Sustainability Manager (Waste and Environment Compliance) - Simon Park

Simon is responsible for developing and implementing the University’s Waste policy and procedures and ensuring environmental compliance with statutory and regulatory legislation.

Tel: 0191 33 46223
Email: simon.r.park@durham.ac.uk

Sustainability Coordinator (Wider Student Experience) - Ninette Harris

Ninette will work closely with Student Environment Reps, Colleges and student groups to encourage and support all Durham students to live more sustainably.

Miss Ninette Harris, Tel: 0191 33 42648
Email: greenspace.students@durham.ac.uk

Environmental Bursar - Michelle Crawford

Michelle is the Bursar for both Hatfield and University Colleges and is the Environmental Bursar for all of the sixteen colleges.

Ms Michelle Crawford, Tel: 0191 33 42614
Email: t.m.crawford@durham.ac.uk

Other Environmental Staff within the University

Principal of Van Mildert College and Professor of Palaeontology - David Harper

Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Strategic Planning Group from Academic Year 2018/19.

Tel: 0191 33 47143
Email: david.harper@durham.ac.uk

Executive Director of Durham Energy Institute (DEI) and Dong/Ikon Chair in Geoenergy, Carbon Capture & Storage - Jon Gluyas

Chair of the Carbon Management Team from Academic Year 2018/19.

Tel: 0191 33 42302
Email: j.g.gluyas@durham.ac.uk