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Durham University


Environmental Sustainability Vision, Policy and Strategy

Durham University is one of the world’s best universities. We are committed to producing world-leading and world-changing research, including much that directly addresses issues of environmental sustainability. Through our academic departments and colleges, we provide our students with an education that is challenging and transformative, to ensure that they can enrich society through their employment and their role as global citizens.

The overarching goal of the emerging University Strategy is to secure academic success and world-leading position on a sustainable basis. As part of the requirement to be sustainable, we are committed to making Durham University one of the most environmentally sustainable universities in the UK. To achieve this goal will require the active commitment of every member of the University community.

We are already doing well by providing environmental policies and procedures, promoting awareness with the award-winning Greenspace icons and enabling behavioral change, actively reducing our CO2 emissions and working with the academic and student environmental champions. But there is so much more we could do: we will introduce more environmental sustainability into the research agenda, the teaching curriculum and the Durham Award scheme; improve governance regarding environmental compliance; reduce our waste, energy and water consumption proportionally against our growth in staff and student numbers; better monitor and improve on the biodiversity of our estate; reduce both local and national emissions and pollutants from our travel; creating a smart, sustainable approach to the University Strategy and Estates Masterplan.

A copy of our Environmental Sustainablity Vision, Policy and Strategy, approved by UEC January 2018, is now available along with an Action Plan and detailed Key Performance Indicators, covering Policy, Environmental Awareness, Waste, Energy and Emissions, Water, Travel, Procurement, Curriculum, Biodiversity, Sustainable Buildings and the Community.

Professor Stuart Corbridge - Vice-Chancellor and Warden

Policy Approved: January 2018

Policy Review: January 2019