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Monitoring and Targeting

Managing energy and water consumption in over 280 buildings is challenging. To help in managing these utilities; Estates and Buildings have a sophisticated Energy management software package (TEAM - Sigma) which enables us to closely monitor our utility consumption in a large number of buildings, provide timely and accurate consumption and cost reports as well as validate our utility invoices to ensure we are not being overcharged.

Over the last few months we have installed additional sub metering and are currently developing an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system. This will provide more in-depth building energy consumption profiles and together with space management information will enable building performance to be measured in relation to kWh/m2 of floor area, identify the potential for energy saving and to monitor the impact of energy efficiency initiatives.

Energy consumption data is analysed against degree day data, to take into account the effect of different weather conditions upon energy consumption. 

Building Management System

To optimise energy consumption within our buildings, the University operates a Building Management System (BMS).

A Building Management System (BMS) controls and monitors a building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as heating, air handling and cooling plant systems, lighting, power systems and security systems. A well specified, installed, maintained and operated BMS should deliver overall 15-20% energy savings compared with standard control systems.

 The BMS system at Durham uses internal and external sensors to monitor and make adjustments to the Buildings' heating and ventilation systems to enable the most efficient use of energy, whilst providing the internal conditions required by users, within the constraints of the university energy management strategy.

The Building Management System at Durham is managed by Grant Potter (Building Management System Engineer) in Estates and Buildings.