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For Teachers & Advisers

Event Programme

Provisional Geology and Earth Science's Conference Programme:

Monday 3rd July

0930 – 1030

Registration, pick up packed lunch

Grey College


Depart for Scremerston

1030 – 1200

Travel to Scremerston

1200 – 1230


1230 – 1600

Activity at Scremerston

1600 - 1730

Travel back to Durham

1730 - 1900

Check in and free time

1900 - 1930

Drinks Reception

Dinning Hall

1930 - late

Formal College Dinner

Followed by entertainment and drinks in the college bar

Dining Hall

Please note: this programme is subjbect to change

Friday 4th July

0800 – 0845


0845 - 0900

Walk to Mountjoy site

0900 - 1000

Applying to Earth Sciences at Durham/Maintaining Tibet

IT room/Department room

1000 - 1100

Applying to Earth Sciences at Durham/Volcanology

Department room

1100 – 1115


1115 - 1215

Maintaining Tibet/Volcanology

IT room/department room

1215 - 1300

Planetary geology/Undergraduate research in the department

Department room

1300 - 1400

Lunch (Informal Q and A session with Pete Loader - Chief examiner for WJEC/Eduqas) – option departmental tour

Department room

1400 – 1445

Planetary geology/Shale gas panel

Department room

1445 – 1530

Undergraduate research in the department/Shale gas panel

Department room


Conference ends

Session Descriptions:

Session Summary
Fieldwork in Scremerston Dr. Jonny Imber leads all the delegates on a day of fieldwork to Scremerston. Scremerston is an excellent place to see complicated geological structures and we'll discus how they're formed and how they can be quantified.
Applying to Earth sciences at Durham Professor Chris Greenwell discusses the department's admissions policy and what the Earth sciences department looks for in applicants and how potential applicants can best prepare themselves.
Volcanology Dr. Kate Dobson/Dr. Claire Horwell leads a session outlining the current volcanology research happening in the Earth Sciences department.
Maintaining Tibet Dr. Chris Saville shows delegates how to use GIS (Geographical Information Software) to evaluate the mechanisms that mainatain the extreme elevations found in Tibet. Each delegate will have data on their own section of Tibet to evaluate.
Planetary geology Dr. Paula Martin discusses current research happenning in the field of planetary geology.
Shale gas panel Professor Andy Aplin leads a discussion on how we use find and extract shale gas. He'll touch on what part shale gas could play in the future energy mix and the pros and cons of it as an energy source.
Undergraduate research in the department Emily Hadrill, Marissa Lo (recent graduates) and Ally Sweeney (a masters student in the department) will discuss how undergradautes are integrated into the research activities of the Earth Sciences department. This will include a discussion of their undergraduate mapping dissertations.

Please note: this programme is subject to change