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Anthony Yeates

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Associate Professor (Reader), Magnetohydrodynamics in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

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Research Groups

Department of Mathematical Sciences

  • Applied & Computational Mathematics: Magnetohydrodynamics

Research Interests

  • Computational modelling of the Sun's large-scale magnetic field
  • Solar dynamo models
  • Topology and reconnection of 3D magnetic fields

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Virtanen, I. O. I., Virtanen, I. I., Pevtsov, A. A., Yeates, A. & Mursula, K. (2017). Reconstructing solar magnetic fields from historical observations. Astronomy & Astrophysics 604: A8.
  • Yeates, A. R. (2017). Sparse reconstruction of electric fields from radial magnetic data. The Astrophysical Journal 836(1): 131.
  • Linker, J. A., Caplan, R. M., Downs, C., Riley, P., Mikic, Z., Lionello, R., Henney, C. J., Arge, C. N., Liu, Y., Derosa, M. L., Yeates, A. & Owens, M. J. (2017). The Open Flux Problem. The Astrophysical Journal 848(1): 70.
  • Gibb, G.P.S., Mackay, D.H., Jardine, M.M. & Yeates, A.R. (2016). Stellar coronal response to differential rotation and flux emergence. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 456(4): 3624-3637.
  • Yeates, A.R. & Hornig, G. (2016). The global distribution of magnetic helicity in the solar corona. Astronomy & Astrophysics 594: A98.
  • Russell, A.J.B., Yeates, A.R., Hornig, G. & Wilmot-Smith, A.L. (2015). Evolution of field line helicity during magnetic reconnection. Physics of Plasmas 22(3): 032106.
  • Edwards, S. J., Yeates, A. R., Bocquet, F.-X. & Mackay, D. H. (2015). Influence of Non-Potential Coronal Magnetic Topology on Solar-Wind Models. Solar Physics 290(10): 2791-2808.
  • Yeates, A. R., Russell, A. J. B. & Hornig, G. (2015). Physical role of topological constraints in localized magnetic relaxation. Proceedings of the Royal Society A 471(2178): 20150012.
  • Muñoz-Jaramillo, A., Senkpeil, R.R., Windmueller, J.C., Amouzou, E.C., Longcope, D.W., Tlatov, A.G., Nagovitsyn, Y.A., Pevtsov, A.A., Chapman, G.A., Cookson, A.M., Yeates, A.R., Watson, F.T., Balmaceda, L.A., DeLuca, E.E. & Martens, P.C.H. (2015). Small-scale and global dynamos and the area and flux distributions of active regions, sunspot groups, and sunspots a multi-database study. Astrophysical journal 800(1): 48.
  • Yeates, A.R., Baker, D. & van Driel-Gesztelyi, L. (2015). Source of a Prominent Poleward Surge During Solar Cycle 24. Solar Physics 290(11): 3189-3201.
  • Yeates, A. R. & Hornig, G. (2014). A complete topological invariant for braided magnetic fields. Journal of Physics: Conference Series 544(1): 012002.
  • Yeates, A.R. (2014). Coronal Magnetic Field Evolution from 1996 to 2012: Continuous Non-potential Simulations. Solar Physics 289(2): 631-648.
  • Chian, A.C.-L., Rempel, E.L., Aulanier, G., Schmieder, B., Shadden, S.C., Welsch, B.T. & Yeates, A.R. (2014). Detection of coherent structures in photospheric turbulent flows. The Astrophysical Journal 786(1): 51.
  • Rachmeler, L. A., Platten, S. J., Bethge, C., Seaton, D. B. & Yeates, A. R. (2014). Observations of a hybrid double-streamer/pseudostreamer in the solar corona. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 787(1): L3.
  • Prior, C.B. & Yeates, A.R. (2014). On the helicity of open magnetic fields. The Astrophysical Journal 787(2): 100.
  • Yeates, A. R., Bianchi, F., Welsh, B. T. & Bushby, P. J. (2014). The coronal energy input from magnetic braiding. Astronomy & Astrophysics 564: A131.
  • Yeates, A.R. & Munoz-Jaramillo, A. (2013). Kinematic active region formation in a three-dimensional solar dynamo model. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 436(4): 3366-3379.
  • Schrijver, C.J., Title, A.M., Yeates, A.R. & DeRosa, M.L. (2013). Pathways of Large-scale Magnetic Couplings Between Solar Coronal Events. The Astrophysical Journal 773(2): 93.
  • Yeates, A.R. & Hornig, G. (2013). Unique topological characterization of braided magnetic fields. Physics of Plasmas 20(1): 012102.
  • Yeates, A. R. & Mackay, D. H. (2012). Chirality of high-latitude filaments over Solar Cycle 23. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 753(2): L34.
  • Yeates, A. R., Hornig, G. & Welsch, B. T. (2012). Lagrangian coherent structures in photospheric flows and their implications for coronal magnetic structure. Astronomy & Astrophysics 539: A1.
  • Mackay, D. H. & Yeates, A. R. (2012). The Sun's Global Photospheric and Coronal Magnetic Fields: Observations and Models. Living Reviews in Solar Physics 9: 6.
  • Yeates, AR & Hornig, G (2011). A Generalized Flux Function for Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection. Physics of Plasmas 18(10): 102118.
  • Yeates, A. R. & Hornig, G. (2011). Dynamical constraints from field line topology in magnetic flux tubes. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 44(26): 265501.
  • Wilmot-Smith, A. L., Pontin, D. I., Yeates, A. R. & Hornig, G. (2011). Heating of Braided Coronal Loops. Astronomy & Astrophysics 536: A67.
  • Muñoz-Jaramillo, A., Nandy, D., Martens, P. C. H. & Yeates, A. R. (2010). A double-ring algorithm for modeling solar active regions: Unifying kinematic dynamo models and surface flux-transport simulations. The Astrophysical Journal 720(1): L20.
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  • Yeates, A. R., Attrill, G. D. R., Nandy, D., Mackay, D. H., Martens, P. C. H. & van Ballegooijen, A. A. (2010). Comparison of a global magnetic evolution model with observations of coronal mass ejections. The Astrophysical Journal 709(2): 1238-1248.
  • Yeates, A. R., Constable, J. A. & Martens, P. C. H. (2010). Solar cycle variation of magnetic flux ropes in a quasi-static coronal evolution model. Solar Physics 263(1-2): 121-134.
  • Yeates, A. R., Hornig, G. & Wilmot-Smith, A. L. (2010). Topological constraints on magnetic relaxation. Physical Review Letters 105(8): 085002.
  • Yeates, A. R. & Mackay, D. H. (2009). Initiation of coronal mass ejections in a global evolution model. The Astrophysical Journal 699(2): 1024-1037.
  • Yeates, A. R. & Mackay, D. H. (2009). Modelling the global solar corona III: Origin of the hemispheric pattern of filaments. Solar Physics 254(1): 77-88.
  • Yeates, A. R., Mackay, D. H. & van Ballegooijen, A. A. (2008). Evolution and distribution of current helicity in full-Sun simulations. The Astrophysical Journal: Letters 680(2): L165-L168.
  • Yeates, A. R., Nandy, D. & Mackay, D. H. (2008). Exploring the physical basis of solar cycle predictions: Flux transport dynamics and persistence of memory in advection versus diffusion-dominated solar convection zones. The Astrophysical Journal 673(1): 544-556.
  • Yeates, A. R., Mackay, D. H. & van Ballegooijen, A. A. (2008). Modelling the global solar corona II: Coronal evolution and filament chirality comparison. Solar Physics 247(1): 103-121.
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  • Yeates, A. R., Mackay, D. H. & van Ballegooijen, A. A. (2007). Modelling the global solar corona filament chirality observations and surface simulations. Solar Physics 245(1): 87-107.

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