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Durham University

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Dr Junli Liu

Associate Professor in the Department of Biosciences

Contact Dr Junli Liu (email at

Research Groups

Department of Biosciences

  • Durham Centre for Crop Improvement Technology
  • Molecular Plant Sciences

Research Interests

  • Systems biology

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Mehdi, S., Mudge, A., Rowe, J., Liu, J., Topping, J.F. & Lindsey, K. (2016). The POLARIS Peptide: Role in Hormone Signalling and Root Growth. In Annual Plant Reviews: Peptide Signals in Plants. Huffaker, A. & Pearce, G. Wiley-Blackwell. in press.
  • Lindsey, K., Mehdi, S., Casson, S.A., Mudge, A.J., Topping, J.F. & Liu, J. (2013). POLARIS. In The Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides, 2nd Edition. Kastin, A.J. Academic Press. 40-45.

Journal Article

  • Vernon, Ian, Liu, Junli, Goldstein, Michael, Rowe, James, Topping, Jen & Lindsey, Keith (2018). Bayesian uncertainty analysis for complex systems biology models: emulation, global parameter searches and evaluation of gene functions. BMC Systems Biology 12: 1.
  • Lenzoni, G., Liu, J. & Knight, M.R. (2018). Predicting plant immunity gene expression by identifying the decoding mechanism of calcium signatures. New Phytologist 217(4): 1598-1609.
  • Moore, S., Liu, J., Zhang, X. & Lindsey, K. (2017). A recovery principle provides insight into auxin pattern control in the Arabidopsis root. Scientific Reports 7: 43004.
  • Liu, J., Moore, S., Chen, C. & Lindsey, K. (2017). Crosstalk complexities between auxin, cytokinin and ethylene in Arabidopsis root development: from experiments to systems modelling, and back again. Molecular Plant 10(12): 1480-1496.
  • Liu, J., Moore, S. & Lindsey, K. (2017). Modelling Plant Cell Growth. eLS 1-7.
  • Rowe, J., Topping, J.F., Liu, J. & Lindsey, K. (2016). Abscisic acid regulates root growth under osmotic stress conditions via an interacting hormonal network with cytokinin, ethylene and auxin. New Phytologist 211(1): 225-239.
  • Liu, J., Whalley, H.J. & Knight, M.R. (2015). Combining modelling and experimental approaches to explain how calcium signatures are decoded by calmodulin-binding transcription activators (CAMTAs) to produce specific gene expression responses. New Phytologist 208(1): 174-187.
  • Moore, S., Zhang, X., Liu, J. & Lindsey, K. (2015). Modelling plant hormone gradients. eLS 1-10.
  • Moore, S., Zhang, X., Liu, J. & Lindsey, K. (2015). Some fundamental aspects of modelling auxin patterning in the context of auxin-ethylene-cytokinin crosstalk. Plant Signaling and Behavior 10(10): e1056424.
  • Moore, S., Zhang, X., Mudge, A., Rowe, J., Topping, J., Liu, J. & Lindsey, K. (2015). Spatiotemporal modelling of hormonal crosstalk explains the level and patterning of hormones and gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana wildtype and mutant roots. New Phytologist 207(4): 1110-1122.
  • Liu, J. & Hussey, P.J. (2014). Dissecting the regulation of pollen tube growth by modeling the interplay of hydrodynamics, cell wall and ion dynamics. Frontiers in Plant Science 5: 392.
  • Liu, Junli, Lindsey, Keith & Hussey, Patrick J. (2014). Elucidating the regulation of complex signalling systems in plant cells. Biochemical Society Transactions 42(1): 219-223.
  • Liu, J., Rowe, J. & Lindsey, K. (2014). Hormonal crosstalk for root development: a combined experimental and modeling perspective. Frontiers in Plant Sciences 5: 116.
  • Liu, J.L., Mehdi, S., Topping, J., Friml, J. & Lindsey, K. (2013). Interaction of PLS and PIN and hormonal crosstalk in Arabidopsis root development. Frontiers in Plant Science: Frontiers in Plant Cell Biology 4: 75.
  • Liu, J.L., Knight, H., Hurst, C.H. & Knight, M.R. (2012). Modelling and experimental analysis of the role of interacting cytosolic and vacuolar pools in shaping low temperature calcium signatures in plant cells. Molecular BioSystems 2012(8): 2205-2220.
  • Liu, J.L. & Hussey, P.J. (2011). Towards the creation of a systems tip growth model for a pollen tube. Plant Signaling and Behavior 6(4): 520-522.
  • Liu, J.L., Piette, B.M.A.G., Deeks, M.J., Franklin-Tong, V.E. & Hussey, P.J. (2010). A Compartmental Model Analysis of Integrative and Self-Regulatory Ion Dynamics in Pollen Tube Growth. PLoS One 5(10): e13157.
  • Liu, J., Mehdi, S., Topping, J., Tarkowski, P. & Lindsey, K. (2010). Modelling and experimental analysis of hormonal crosstalk in Arabidopsis. Molecular Systems Biology 6(1): 373.
  • Liu, Junli, Grieson, Claire S., Webb, Alex A. R. & Hussey, Patrick J. (2010). Modelling dynamic plant cells. CURRENT OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY 13(6): 744-749.
  • Liu, J.L., Brazier-Hicks, M. & Edwards, R. (2009). A kinetic model for the metabolism of the herbicide safener fenclorim in Arabidopsis thaliana. Biophysical Chemistry 143(1-2): 85-94.
  • Piette, B.M.A.G., Liu, J., Peeters, K., Smertenko, A., Hawkins, T., Deeks, M., Quinlan, R., Zakrzewski, W.J. & Hussey, P.J. (2009). A Thermodynamic Model of Microtubule Assembly and Disassembly. PLoS ONE 4(8): e6378.
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