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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Dr Lars-Olof Pålsson

Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42135

(email at

Research Interests

Chemical physics and biophysics. I am interested in the application of optical spectroscopy and microscopy for investigations of biological systems and organic materials for display applications, molecular electronics and sensing of the biological environment. The work is interdisciplinary and relies on collaborations with colleagues active in synthetic chemistry and cell biology.

Modulation of the excited state by the di-electric medium

We are interested in how the medium affects the excited state decay and this is monitored using mainly time-resolved emission techniques. The aim of this work is to explore the sensing ability in organic chromophores and organo metallic complexes. 

Luminescence imaging and time-resolved emission microscopy

We are using luminescence imaging to study bio-active materials using emissive probes. The excited state decay of organic fluorescence probes and organo metallic complexes is monitored using time-resolved luminescence microscopy.

Time-gated detection is illustrated above. In the experiment the short lived fluorescence from the matrix has decayed before the gate is turned on and the photoluminescence from the metal centered emission is exclusively monitored. In combination we are also using conventional photon counting techniques to study the organic fluorescence. We are using microscope detection enabling single cells to be studied. We can study the excited state decay of many different types of emissive probes over a very wide dynamic range over 100 orders of magnitude.

Polarised luminescence spectroscopy for molecular recognition and sensing.

We are pursuing circularity polarised luminescence spectroscopy as a tool to study biological systems. This methodology can be used to investigate stereo specific inter-molecular interactions between functionalised optical probes and chiral biological macromolecules such as proteins.



  • Anil Suri, Rui Campos, Darius G. Rackus, Nicholas J.S. Spiller, Christine Richardson, Lars-Olof Pålsson and Ritu Kataky (2011). Liposome-doped hydrogel for implantable tissue. Soft Matter. 7, 7071-7077.
  • Lisa Murphy,Aileen Congreve,Lars-Olof Pålssonand J. A. Gareth Williams (2010). The time domain in co-stained cell imaging: time-resolved emission imaging microscopy using a protonatable luminescent iridium complex. Chem. Comm. 43, 8743 - 8745.
  • Lars-Olof Pålsson, Benjamin S. Nehls, Frank Galbrecht, Benjamin A. Coombs, Fernando B. Dias, Tony Farrell, Ullrich Scherf, and Andrew P. Monkman (2010). Excited state dynamics and optical characteristics of oligophenyl based cruci forms in solution and solid state. J. of Phys. Chem. B, 114(40), 12765 - 12776.
  • Lars-Olof Pålsson, Changsheng Wang, Andrei S. Batsanov, Simon M. King, Andrew Beeby, Andrew P. Monkman and Martin R. Bryce (2009). Intramolecular charge transfer in molecular wires comprised Oligoyne-Bridged Oxadiazol-Triphenylamine Dipoles: Synthesis, x-Ray Crystal Structure, Solution Electrochemistry and opto-electronic properties. Chem. Eur. J. 16, 1470-1479.
  • Evan G. Moore, Géza Szigethy, Jide Xu, Lars-Olof Pålsson, Andrew Beeby and Kenneth N. Raymond (2008). 3,2-HOPO Complexes of Near Infra-Red (NIR) Emitting Lanthanides: Sensitization of Ho(III) and Pr(III) in Aqueous Solution. Angewandte Chemie Interdit. 47, 9500-9503.
  • Lars-Olof Pålsson, Robert Pal, Benjamin S. Murray, David Parker and Andrew Beeby (2007) Two-photon absorption and photoluminescence of europium based emissive probes for bioactive systems. J. of Dalton Trans. 2007, 5726-5734.

Research Groups

Department of Biosciences

  • Durham Centre for Bioimaging Technology

Department of Chemistry

  • Functional Molecules and Materials

Research Interests

  • Chemical Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Optical Spectroscopy

Selected Publications

Chapter in book

  • Palsson, Lars-Olof, Spangfort, Michael, Gulbinas, Vidmantas & Gillbro, Tomas (1993). Chlorophyll b to chlorophyll a energy transfer in the isolated light-harvesting complex II, LHC II, of green plants. In Laser Spectroscopy of Biomolecules: 4th International Conference on Laser Applications in Life Sciences. Korppi-Tommola, Jouko E. SPIE. 1921: 107-110.
  • Sharkov, A. V., Khoroshilov, E. V., Kryukov, I. V., Palsson, Lars-Olof, Kryukov, P. G., Fischer, R., Scheer, Hella-C. & Gillbro, Tomas (1993). Femtosecond excitation transfer processes in biliprotein trimers. In Laser Spectroscopy of Biomolecules: 4th International Conference on Laser Applications in Life Sciences. Korppi-Tommola, Jouko E. 1921: 136-145.

Journal Article

  • Jõgela, Joana, Uri, Asko, Pålsson, Lars-Olof & Enkvist, Erki (2019). Almost complete radiationless energy transfer from excited triplet state of a dim phosphor to a covalently linked adjacent fluorescent dye in purely organic tandem luminophores doped into PVA matrix. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 7(22): 6571-6577.
  • Townsend, P.D., Dixon, C.H., Slootweg, E.S., Sukarta O.C.A., Yang, A.W.H., Hughes, T.R., Sharples, G.J., Palsson, L.-O., Takken, F.L.W., Goverse, A. & Cann, M.J. (2018). The intracellular immune receptor Rx1 regulates the DNA-binding activity of a Golden2-like transcription factor. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 293(9): 3218-3233.
  • Foster, A.W., Pernil, R., Patterson, C.J., Scott, A.J.P., Pålsson, L.-O., Pal, R., Cummins, I., Chivers, P.T., Pohl, E. & Robinson, N.J. (2017). A tight tunable range for Ni(II) sensing and buffering in cells. Nature Chemical Biology 13(4): 409-414.
  • Sansee, A., Meksawangwong, S., Chainok, K., Franz, K. J., Gal, M., Palsson, L. -O., Puniyan, W., Traiphol, R., Pal, R. & Kielar, F. (2016). Novel aminoalkyl tris-cyclometalated iridium complexes as cellular stains. Dalton Transactions 45(43): 17420-17430.
  • Fenyk, S., Dixon, C.H., Kittens, W.H., Townsend, P.D., Sharpies, G.J., Pålsson, L.-O., Takken, F.L.W. & Cann, M.J. (2016). The tomato Nucleotide-Binding Leucine-Rich Repeat (NLR) Immune Receptor I-2 couples DNA-Binding to Nucleotide-Binding Domain Nucleotide Exchange. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291(3): 1137-1147.
  • Neil, E.R., Fox, M.A., Pal, R., Pålsson, L.O., O'Sullivan, B.A. & Parker, D. (2015). Chiral probe development for circularly polarised luminescence: comparative study of structural factors determining the degree of induced CPL with four heptacoordinate europium(III) complexes. Dalton Transactions 44(33): 14937-14951.
  • Linton, K.E., Fox, M.A., Pålsson, L.O. & Bryce, M.R. (2015). Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene) (OPE) Molecular Wires: Synthesis and Length Dependence of Photoinduced Charge Transfer in OPEs with Triarylamine and Diaryloxadiazole End Groups. Chemistry - A European Journal 21(10): 3997-4007.
  • Bayazit, M. K., Pålsson, L. O. & Coleman, K. S. (2015). Sensing properties of light-emitting single walled carbon nanotubes prepared via click chemistry of ylides bound to the nanotube surface. RSC Advances 5(46): 36865-36873.
  • Fenyk, Stepan, Townsend, Philip D., Dixon, Christopher H., Spies, Gerhard B., de San Eustaquio Campillo, Alba, Slootweg, Erik J., Westerhof, Lotte B., Gawehns, Fleur K.K., Knight, Marc R., Sharples, Gary J., Goverse, Aska, Pålsson, Lars-Olof, Takken, Frank L.W. & Cann, Martin J. (2015). The Potato Nucleotide-Binding Leucine-Rich Repeat (NLR) Immune Receptor Rx1 is a Pathogen Dependent DNA-Deforming Protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290(41): 24945-24960.
  • Carr, Rachel, Puckrin, Robert, McMahon, Brian K., Pal, Robert, Parker, David & Pålsson, Lars-Olof (2014). Induced circularly polarized luminescence arising from anion or protein binding to racemic emissive lanthanide complexes. Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 2(2): 024007.
  • Steffen, A., Ward, R. M., Tay, M. G., Edkins, R. M., Seeler, F., van Leeuwen, M., Pålsson, L.-O., Beeby, A., Batsanov, A. S., Howard, J. A. K. & Marder, T. B. (2014). Regiospecific Formation and Unusual Optical Properties of 2,5-Bis(arylethynyl)rhodacyclopentadienes: A New Class of Luminescent Organometallics. Chemistry - a Eupean journal 20(3): 3652-3666.
  • Szablewski, M., Fox, M.A., Dias, F.B., Namih, H., Snedden, E.W., King, S.M., Dai, D.C. & Pålsson, L.O. (2014). Ultrafast Dynamics and Computational Studies on Diaminodicyanoquinodimethanes (DADQs). The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 118(24): 6815-6828.
  • Marje Kasari, Kadri Ligi, J.A. Gareth Williams, Angela Vaasa, Erki Enkvist, Kaido Viht, Lars-Olof Pålsson & Asko Uri (2013). Responsive microsecond-lifetime photoluminescent probes for analysis of protein kinases and their inhibitors. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1834(7): 1330-1335.
  • Linton, K.E., Fisher, A.L., Pearson, C, Fox, M.A., Pålsson, L.-O., Bryce, M.R. & Petty, M.C. (2012). Colour tuning of blue electroluminescence using bipolar carbazole-oxadiazole molecules in single-active-layer organic light emitting devices (OLEDs). Journal of Materials Chemistry 22(23): 11816-11825.
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