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Dr Caroline Dodd-Reynolds, PhD; SFHEA

Associate Professor in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences

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Caroline is Director of Postgraduate Research for the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences and a Co-Director of the Physical Activity Special Interest Group, an interdisciplinary network within the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

She joined Durham University in August 2014 having previously been employed by Northumbria University, latterly as Principal Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes within the Department of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation. Having studied for a BSc. in Human Biology with Philosophy and subsequently an MSc. in Sport, Health and Exercise, Caroline was awarded her PhD. in 2005 by the University of Exeter. During her four years at Exeter, Caroline was based in the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre, where her doctoral research into energy intake and appetite responses to exercise in girls was supervised by Dr Joanne Welsman and Professor Neil Armstrong. 

Caroline’s research philosophy is underpinned by the need to consider cross and inter-disciplinary approaches to address physical inactivity and diet, predominately within public health. She has many years of experience across experimental design, interventions and evaluation and has recently become interested in the implementation of physical activity and dietary policy in community settings. Her research explores three themes:

1. Physical activity and dietary policy implementation in the local context. Current projects include:

‘Subsidised school milk and child health: exploration of policy implementation and pilot feasibility of outcome measures’ N8 Agrifood Pump Priming, awarded March 2019.

‘Challenges and opportunities for implementing national physical activity policy into local practice: a qualitative case study from the Fuse Physical Activity Workshops’ (paper in prep.)

‘A scoping review and analysis of the coherence of policy aspirations and approaches to implementation relevant to tackling obesity in primary schools in England from 2010 to 2017’ (paper under review)

2. Community-based exercise referral: effectiveness, participant experiences and equity of provision across socio-demographic groups.

3. The acute relationship between physical activity and diet: compensatory behaviours, dietary/physical activity manipulation and energy balance.

Caroline's work has been published in a range of international journals (e.g. BMJ Open, Journal of Public Health, Appetite, British Journal of Nutrition) and she has presented work at national and international conferences. She is a member of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health, and the International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity. Regionally, she sits on the Fuse (Centre for Translational Research in Public Health) Physical Activity Working Group (#FusePAW) and Fuse Communications Group and has been on the organising committee for numerous FusePAW workshops.

Caroline is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has a wealth of academic quality and standards experience. She has developed sport and exercise programme frameworks at undergraduate and postgraduate level across two institutions and been an invited external panellist for Periodic Review and Validation events. She has held external examiner appointments at four UK institutions, most recently as Chief External Examiner at Gloucester University and Programme Examiner for Newcastle University’s BSc (Hons) Exercise Biomedicine and BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science. 

Grants Awarded

    • Dodd-Reynolds, C.J., Hind, K., Swainson, M., Lindsey, I., Summerbell, C. (2019), 'Subsidised school milk and child health: exploration of policy implementation and pilot feasibility of outcome measures' (£8,000 N8 Agrifood Pump Priming Award)

  • Lindsey, I., Dodd-Reynolds, C.J., Summerbell, C., Oliver, E. (2017), ‘Policy coherence for childhood obesity? Examining implementation of policies for healthy eating and increased physical activity in primary schools’ (£5,128 Durham University Seedcorn Award).

  • Pollard, T., (PI), Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. and Oliver, E.J. (2017) ‘Stepping out together: process evaluation of the impact of walking groups in UK deprived areas on women’s walking and wellbeing’ (£7,484, WRI Small Grant Award)

  • ‘Evidence use and policy implementation in community-based health promotion services’. Economic and Social Research Council, Doctoral Training Centre £72,345, 3+1 studentship awarded to B. Rigby, (October 2016-September 2020, E. Oliver and C.J. Dodd-Reynolds supervisors)

  • Dodd-Reynolds, C. J. (2011). Rank Prize Fund vacation studentship for the ‘Student Lifestyle Study’
  • Colmer, S., Lewis, M., Allin, L., O’Brien, K., & Dodd, C. J., (2009-2013) Durham & Chester-Le-Street Lifestyle Initiative ‘Lifestyle Change’ Pilot
  • Defeyter, M., Russo, R., and Dodd, C. J. (2009). The effects of breakfast club attendance on cognitive, social, and healthy eating in school aged children (PhD studentship)
  • Allin, L., and Dodd C.J. (2008) Family Initiative Supporting Children’s Health (FISCH): evaluation of 20-week pilot programme

Research Groups

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

  • Physical Activity Special Interest Group

Research Interests

  • Interactions between food intake and physical activity
  • Physical activity inequalities
  • Public health-based evaluation (physical activity and diet)

Teaching Areas

  • Dissertation
  • Nutrition for Sport, Physical Activity and Health

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  • Hanson, C.L., Oliver, E.J., Dodd-Reynolds, C. & Allin, L. (2019). How do participant experiences and characteristics influence engagement in exercise referral? A qualitative longitudinal study of a scheme in Northumberland, United Kingdom. BMJ Open 9(2): e024370.
  • Morris, A., Cramb, R. & Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2018). Food intake and appetite following school-based high-intensity interval training in 9–11-year-old children. Journal of Sports Sciences 36(3): 286-292.
  • Dodd-Reynolds, C.J., Asenlof, P. & Hellstrom, K. (2017). Special issue – physical activity and health. Physical Therapy Reviews 22(3-4): 101-102.
  • Allsop, S., Green, B.P., Dodd-Reynolds, C.J., Barry, G. & Rumbold, P.L.S. (2016). Comparison of short-term energy intake and appetite responses to active and seated video gaming, in 8 to 11 year-old boys. British Journal of Nutrition 115(06): 1117-1125.
  • Oliver, E.J., Hanson, C.L., Lindsey, I.A. & Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2016). Exercise on referral: Evidence and complexity at the nexus of public health and sport policy. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics 8(4): 731-736.
  • Kelly, M., Rae, G., Walker, D., Partington, S., Dodd-Reynolds C.J. & Caplin, N. (2016). Retrospective cohort study of the South Tyneside Exercise Referral Scheme 2009–14: Predictors of dropout and barriers to adherence. Journal of Public Health
  • Allsop, S., Dodd-Reynolds, C.J., Green, B.P., Debuse, D. & Rumbold, P.L.S. (2015). Acute effects of active gaming on ad libitum energy intake and appetite sensations of 8–11-year-old boys. British Journal of Nutrition 114(12): 2148-2155.
  • Rumbold, P.L.S., Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. & Stevenson, E. (2013). Agreement between paper and pen visual analogue scales and a wristwatch-based electronic appetite rating system (PRO-Diary), for continuous monitoring of free-living subjective appetite sensations in 7–10 year old children. Appetite 69(1): 180-185.
  • Hanson, C.L., Ellis, J.G., Allin, L.J. & Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2013). An evaluation of the efficacy of the exercise on referral scheme in Northumberland, UK: association with physical activity and predictors of engagement. A naturalistic observation study. BMJ Open 3(8): e002849.
  • Rumbold, P.L.S., St Clair Gibson, A., Stevenson, E., King, J., Stensel, D. & Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2013). Influence of netball-based exercise on energy intake, subjective appetite and plasma acylated ghrelin in adolescent girls. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 38(8): 854-861.
  • Rumbold, P.L.S., Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. & Stevenson, E. (2013). Informing Primary School Nutritional Policy: Effects of Mid-Morning Snacks on Appetite and Energy Control. Food and Nutrition Sciences 4(5): 529-537.
  • Allsop, S., Dodd-Reynolds, C., Debuse, D. & Rumbold, P. (2013). Real Life Active Gaming Practices of 7-to-11 Year-Old Children. Games for Health Journal 2(6): 347-353.
  • Rumbold, P.L.S., St Clair Gibson, A., Stevenson, E.J., King, J.A., Stensel, D.J. & Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2013). Reply to Discussion of "Influence of netball-based exercise on energy intake, subjective appetite and plasma acylated ghrelin in adolescent girls". Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 38(11): 1171-1172.
  • Rumbold, P.L.S., St Clair Gibson, A., Stevenson, E. & 8Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2011). Agreement between two methods of dietary data collection in female, adolescent netball players. Appetite 56(2): 443-447.
  • Rumbold, P.L.S., St Clair Gibson, A., Allsop, S., Stevenson, E. & Dodd-Reynolds, C.J. (2011). Energy intake and appetite following netball exercise over 5 days in trained 13–15 year old girls. Appetite 56: 621-628.
  • Dodd, C.J., Welsman, J.R. & Armstrong, N. (2008). Energy intake and appetite following exercise in lean and overweight girls. Appetite 51(3): 428-488.

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