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Durham University

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Staff Profile

Prof Halim Kusumaatmaja

Personal web page

Associate Professor in the Department of Physics
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 43627
Room number: 249

(email at

Research Interests

Our group is interested in theoretical and computational soft matter and biophysics. Our work is interdisciplinary, lying at the interface between Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Biology. We are also part of the Durham Centre for Soft Matter, the Biophysical Sciences Institute, and the SOFI CDT. See here for more detailed descriptions.

We always welcome talented undergraduates, PhD students, Postdocs and visitors who want to work with us. Please contact Halim Kusumaatmaja by email if you are thinking of joining us. 

Research Groups

Centre for Materials Physics

  • Theory and simulation of soft condensed matter and biological physics

Department of Physics

Selected Publications

Authored book

  • Krüger, Timm, Kusumaatmaja, Halim, Kuzmin, Alexandr, Shardt, Orest, Silva, Goncalo & Viggen, Erlend Magnus (2017). The Lattice Boltzmann Method: Principles and Practice. Springer.

Journal Article

  • Christy, Andrew T. R., Kusumaatmaja, Halim & Miller, Mark A. (2021). Control of Superselectivity by Crowding in Three-Dimensional Hosts. Physical Review Letters 126(2): 028002.
  • Sadullah, Muhammad Subkhi, Launay, Gaby Parle, Jayne , Ledesma-Aguilar, Rodrigo Gizaw, Yonas McHale, Glen Wells, Gary & Kusumaatmaja, Halim (2020). Bidirectional Motion of Droplets on Gradient Liquid Infused Surfaces. Communications Physics 3: 166.
  • Sadullah, Muhammad Subkhi, Panter, Jack R. & Kusumaatmaja, Halim (2020). Factors controlling the pinning force of liquid droplets on liquid infused surfaces. Soft Matter 16(35): 8114-8121.
  • Wang, Ningning, Semprebon, Ciro, Liu, Haihu, Zhang, Chuhua & Kusumaatmaja, Halim (2020). Modelling double emulsion formation in planar flow-focusing microchannels. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 895: A22.
  • Law, Jack O., Dean, Jacob M., Miller, Mark A. & Kusumaatmaja, Halim (2020). Phase transitions on non-uniformly curved surfaces: Coupling between phase and location. Soft Matter 16(34): 8069-8077.
  • Vietri, Marina, Schultz, Sebastian W., Bellanger, Aurélie, Jones, Carl M., Petersen, Louise I., Raiborg, Camilla, Skarpen, Ellen, Pedurupillay, Christeen Ramane J., Kjos, Ingrid, Kip, Eline, Timmer, Romy, Jain, Ashish, Collas, Philippe, Knorr, Roland L., Grellscheid, Sushma N., Kusumaatmaja, Halim, Brech, Andreas, Micci, Francesca, Stenmark, Harald & Campsteijn, Coen (2020). Unrestrained ESCRT-III drives micronuclear catastrophe and chromosome fragmentation. Nature Cell Biology 22(7): 856-867.
  • Panter, J. R., Chen, J., Zhang, T. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2019). Harnessing energy landscape exploration to control the buckling of cylindrical shells. Communications Physics 2: 151.
  • Pearce, P., Woodhouse, F. G., Forrow, A., Kelly, A., Kusumaatmaja, H. & Dunkel, J. (2019). Learning dynamical information from static protein and sequencing data. Nature Communications 10: 5368.
  • Panter, J. R., Gizaw, Y & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2019). Multifaceted design optimization for superomniphobic surfaces. Science Advances 5(6): eaav7328.
  • Sadullah, M. S., Semprebon, C. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2018). Drop Dynamics on Liquid Infused Surfaces: The Role of the Lubricant Ridge. Langmuir 34(27): 8112-8118.
  • Guiselin, B., Law, J. O., Chakrabarti, B. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2018). Dynamic morphologies and stability of droplet interface bilayers. Physical Review Letters 120(23): 238001.
  • Wöhrwag, M., Semprebon, C., Mazloomi Moqaddam, A., Karlin, I. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2018). Ternary free-energy entropic lattice Boltzmann model with a high density ratio. Physical Review Letters 120(23): 234501.
  • Semprebon, C., McHale, G. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2017). Apparent Contact Angle and Contact Angle Hysteresis on Liquid Infused Surfaces. Soft Matter 13(1): 101-110.
  • Kusumaatmaja, H, Hemingway, E. J. & Fielding, S. M. (2016). Moving contact line dynamics: from diffuse to sharp interfaces. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 788: 209-227.
  • Paillusson, F., Pennington, M. R. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2016). Phase Separation on Bicontinuous Cubic Membranes: Symmetry Breaking, Re-entrant and Domain Facetting. Physical Review Letters 117(5): 058101.
  • Semprebon, C., Krüger, T. & Kusumaatmaja, H. (2016). Ternary Free Energy Lattice Boltzmann Model with Tunable Surface Tensions and Contact Angles. Physical Review E 93(3): 033305.
  • Kusumaatmaja, H. (2015). Surveying the free energy landscapes of continuum models: Application to soft matter systems. The Journal of Chemical Physics 142(12): 124112.
  • Kusumaatmaja, H. & Wales, D.J. (2013). Defect motifs for constant mean curvature surfaces. Physical Review Letters 110(16): 165502.
  • Kusumaatmaja, H. & Lipowsky, R. (2011). Droplet-induced budding transitions of membranes. Soft Matter 7(15): 6914-6919.
  • Kusumaatmaja, H., Li, Y., Dimova, R. & Lipowsky, R. (2009). Intrinsic contact angle of aqueous phases at membranes and vesicles. Physical Review Letters 103(23): 238103.
  • Kusumaatmaja, H. & Yeomans, J. M. (2007). Modeling contact angle hysteresis on chemically patterned and superhydrophobic surfaces. Langmuir 23(11): 6019-6032.

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