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Professor Nicky Gregson - all publications

Authored book

  • Gregson, N. (2007). Living with Things: ridding, accommodation, dwelling. Sean Kingston Publishing.
  • Gregson, N. & Crewe, L. (2003). Second-hand cultures. Berg.

Chapter in book

  • Gregson, N (2016). Asbestos. In Making Things International 2: Catalysts and Reactions. Salter, M University of Minnesota Press.
  • Gregson, N. & Crang, M. (2015). Waste, Resource Recovery and Labour: Recycling Economies in the EU. In Why the Social Sciences Matter. Michie, J. & Cooper, C. Palgrave Macmillan. 60-76.
  • Alexander, C., Gregson, N. & Gille, Z. (2013). Food waste. In The Handbook of Food Research. Murcott, A., Belasco, W. & Jackson, P. Bloomsbury. 471-485.

Journal Article

  • Gregson, N. & Crang, M. (2019). Made in China and the new world of secondary resource recovery. Environment and Planning A 51(4): 1031-1040.
  • Holmes, Helen, Gregson, Nicky, Watson, Matt, Buckley, Alastair, Chiles, Prue, Krzywoszynska, Anna & Maywin, Jose (2018). Interdisciplinarity in Transdisciplinary Projects: Circulating Knowledges, Practices and Effects. disP - The Planning Review 54(2): 77-93.
  • Gregson, Nicky (2018). Mobilities, mobile work and habitation: truck drivers and the crisis in occupational auto-mobility in the UK. Mobilities 13(3): 291-307.
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  • Gregson, N. (2017). Logistics at work: trucks, containers and the friction of circulation in the UK. Mobilities 12(3): 343-364
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  • Bærenholdt, J., Gregson, N., Everts, J., Granas, B. & Healey, R. (2010). Performing academic practice: using the master class to build postgraduate discursive competences. Journal of Geography in Higher Education 34(2): 283-298.
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